Exciting update! Lunches added to first-edition meal plans


You asked, and we listened! In response to member feedback, we’ve added a keto or low-carb Monday lunch option to every meal plan where it was formerly missing.

This includes our standalone meal plans and those marked #1, signaling that they’re the first edition in a series of themed meal plans. Our Keto: Dairy-Free #1 meal plan, for example, now has a Monday lunch option!

Meal plans were developed to slot together like puzzle pieces, so one week ran into the next. Previously, it was always the case that Sunday dinner leftovers from the evening prior would act as Monday lunch for the next day. However, we understand that this is not always the way members use the plans.

That said, all plans that aren’t the first in each series will still function in this puzzle-piece manner. That means you should plan to save some leftovers from your Sunday evening meal to enjoy on the following Monday as lunch. For example, our Keto: Dairy-Free #2 meal plan, still functions in this way.

As always, our meal plans remain flexible, and you are welcome to switch out any meal you wish.

More changes are also in the pipeline. Be on the lookout for even more exciting updates coming very soon.