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If you plate it, rate it! Recipe rating

I would argue that we have some of the best members of any company – insightful, inquisitive, and eager to help!

We often ask our Facebook group members to give us insight that we can use to improve our user experience and push ourselves to greater heights. But other times, like this week, we ask members to give us a hand to test out a new feature and give us feedback along the way.

Over the past months, Diet Doctor’s behind-the-scenes engineers, designers, and more have been hard at work to provide a way to achieve better and more accurate recipe ratings with a new and improved rating system that is simple and easy to use on your laptop as well as your phone or tablet.

That new recipe rating system was launched this past week and we hit the reset button on all recipe ratings to get a fresh and trustworthy start. And now after asking our Facebook group members, they are helping to give fresh new ratings to all of the meals, sides, and desserts they have tried.

But it’s not just on their shoulders – we encourage you to rate them, too!

Keep in mind that you have to be logged in to rate, but recipes can receive one to five stars and there’s a window where comments can be shared directly with the recipe team for ratings that are 4 stars or less. At Diet Doctor, we love feedback, so let us know what you think.

What are you waiting for? If you plate it, don’t forget to rate it!

Nailing, or failing, a keto Halloween

Last week, of course, was Halloween, which can be a scary time for anyone trying to stay keto or low carb. To show that it doesn’t have to be scary, one of our FB moderators, Crystal Pullen, brought together her mom, daughter, and a friend in her kitchen on October 31 to try their hand at some of the Diet Doctor Halloween treats.

They made the keto mummy dogs, eggy spiders, and mozzarella eyeballs all from our Halloween recipe collection!

Crystal posted pictures of their creations asking, did they “Nail it, or fail it?” and dozens weighed in, some sharing pictures of their own creations. The verdict? Nailed it!

It was a great way to support each other, have fun, and celebrate Halloween in a healthy keto way, and not have to deal with temptations or the post-candy hangover.

Coming up: Another recipe challenge

Another recipe challenge is coming up and it’s not too late to join in. That’s where we select a Diet Doctor recipe and people cook it together in their own time zone and then share the results.

The votes are still open for the one to be cooked on Monday, November 9. Join the Facebook group and make your selection from among the keto blue cheese casserole or keto shepherds pie or flying Jacob casserole (which is a special Swedish, curried chicken dish.)

Which one would you pick?

Inspiring support

As always, our Facebook group is filled with inspiring tales from members whose health and lives are changing from this way of eating.

Some members share dramatic transformations that you may eventually see as success story write-ups in our news feed.

But each week we get updates on the incredible incremental health changes. People feeling more energetic, happier, no longer hungry, or wearing an item of clothing that hasn’t fit for years.

Some share struggles, too. For example, this week one member was feeling very tired of eggs for breakfast. Other members provided lots of ideas for other tasty foods to eat or how they had a similar experience and what they did to overcome it!

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