Fattening diet: Discover 7 tips to gain weight in a healthy and natural way

Those who need to “close their mouths” to lose a few pounds , are jealous of those who eat, eat, eat and never put on weight. But, believe me, it shouldn’t be that way. If for most people losing weight is an arduous task and to some extent thankless, for many others, the difficulty of gaining weight is just as difficult. For this reason, there are “fattening diets”, diet plans designed to gain body mass and which also need maximum focus , balance and important changes in lifestyle.

Whether due to genetic factors , difficulties in eating well, excessive energy expenditure or simply lack of hunger, some people do not get fat and, therefore, cannot reach the ideal weight, the so-calledBody Mass Index (BMI) . According to nutritionist Carine Rodrigues, in any of these cases, the ideal is to seek professional guidance to plan an adequate diet.

“It is necessary to increase the fractionation of meals. Eating 4 to 6 times a day is a good alternative, as long as there are always healthy choices”, explains the nutritionist. Below, she highlights some tips for those who want to gain weight. Check out!

7 essential tips for healthy weight gain

1 – Do not give up proteins: Found mainly in beef, fish and poultry, but also in plant foods, protein is an essential nutrient for our well-being. It acts on muscle recovery and development, in addition to contributing to the immune system, which defends the body.

2 – Invest in fruits: Banana, persimmon, açaí, avocado and coconut are some examples of “fat” fruits, which have fat, fructose and natural calories, resulting in balanced weight gain. They are good options to compose breakfast or healthy desserts, to replace sweets.

3 – Give preference to good fats: Generally, when people want to put on weight, they do not make a selection of foods, they only eat what they feel like. However, the fattening diet also needs to guarantee a healthy and nutritious diet, so avoid very fatty foods and fast foods, exchanging for good, unsaturated fats, which are present in salmon, avocado, chestnuts and flax seeds, for example. , which stimulate muscle mass gain, without increasing “bad” body fat.

4 – Natural drinks are good allies for weight gain: Vitamins, shakes, whole fruit juices and yogurts become good options for the meal plan, for breakfast or snacks. You can choose the most caloric fruits, such as avocado, for example, which is still healthy and brings good nutrients to health. Water intake is also of paramount importance to keep the body hydrated.

5 – Insert foods that provide energy: According to Carine Rodrigues, dehydrated, oilseed fruits (nuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc.), vegetable oil (extra virgin olive oil), avocado, seeds (flaxseed, chia, sesame) must be present in food, since they have a higher energy density, that is, they generate more energy for the body.

6 – Practice physical exercises: Practicing an activity is essential for any diet, whether to gain or lose weight, what varies is exercise. In this case, the best option is to exclude aerobics and opt for those that help to gain muscle mass, such as weight training, for example.

7 – Go to the nutritionist: Monitoring with a professional is essential, since he is responsible for designating the ideal amount of food and the interval between meals, based on the individuality of each organism.




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