Fattening diet: what to eat when your goal is to gain weight

Sometimes losing a few pounds is a chore, right? Those who need to close their mouths even die of envy for those who eat everything and do not put on weight in the day! But, believe me, there are people who suffer much more trying to gain weight . If you fall into the second option, this article deserves special attention! We spoke with nutritionist Christiane Bergamasco to understand what needs to be done (and eat!) In order to have more body mass .

What to eat to gain body mass (Photo: Getty Images)

Essential tips for healthy weight gain

The strategy for increasing muscle mass involves a more laborious and specific process, that is, to obtain results, professional monitoring (nutritionist, sports doctor and physical trainer) is essential. “Issues such as adequate hormonal rates (women who take contraceptives will have limited results), strength training, adequate rest at the right time (sleeping before 10:30 pm), as well as calculated nutrition help a lot when it comes to achieving focus,” he explains.

Hypercaloric food

1 – You need to make smart food choices to avoid the undesirable: gaining more fat than muscle. Forget inflammatory options like fast food , fried foods, sweets and trans fats (pies, cookies). Bet on foods with high nutritional density. “Proteins, meat in general, eggs and dairy products, are essential because they contain amino acids”, says Chris.

2 – Energy sources such as carbohydrates, giving preference to those that provide, in addition to calories, nutrients for nutritional support, are also on the list. Example: sweet potato , cassava, yam, basmati rice , cateto …

It is necessary to follow a specific diet to

3 – Good fats are also excellent sources of energy: avocado , coconut , nuts and nuts and olive oil. Vegetables, fruits and vegetables , which have vitamins and minerals, complete the menu as they help in muscle relaxation. “It is important to emphasize that the person should look for a nutritionist who will adapt carbohydrates of low or high glycemic index, according to the strategy”, he says.


4 – Practicing an activity is fundamental for any diet, whether to gain or lose weight, what varies is exercise. In this case, the best option is to exclude aerobics and opt for those that help to gain muscle mass, such as weight training . “The only thing that shapes the body is the work of strength”, he guarantees.

5 – Pre and post training: it can have its value, it depends on the conduct of each professional and its suitability to the patient. “There are cases in which the composition of the post-workout has the objective of making intense activation of insulin, for example, since it is an anabolic hormone, which in this case, is welcome”, he says.