Food ideas that go down easy (soups/shakes?)

My diet is pretty crap, and I’m really struggling to gain weight. 19F, 110lbs, 5’7. I want to start eating better and trying to put on some more weight.

Thing is, I have issues eating food. Even when I’m really hungry, I eat a few bites and then it just starts tasting like cardboard and I can barely swallow it.

Liquidy foods are much easier for me to eat than solids — y’all got any good recipes? Preferably things I can make at home without too many ingredients. I really love soup, I’ve been making cream of mushroom soup a lot which is a favorite of mine. I like chicken-based, cream-based, just no seafood or other meats please. I’m also down to try shakes, I just have no idea where to start looking for recipes because there are so many and idk what would be most helpful for weight gain.

I’ve been thinking about getting Ensure drinks as a supplement, would this be helpful? I don’t want to end up using them as a total meal replacement, so I’d limit it to 1/day.

Any general tips on how to gain weight healthily would also be appreciated.

High sodium content is also fine, I have low blood pressure & get presyncope/syncope (lightheadedness/passing out) when I stand up, & eating high sodium foods & drinking water helps with this.

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