Free Virtual Health Summit features 45 top health experts and coaches…

The Freedom Kitchen Summit kicks off on August 25 offering five full days of free Masterclass webinars from top health coaches, fitness experts and nutritionists, best-selling authors, and so many more. Participants will learn the essentials for living free of toxins in a world more and more dependent on mass-produced food sources based on corporate gain.

After a decade of teaching, collaborating and guiding individuals through their health journey, a Michigan-based Health Coach, Lisa Jendza launched Freedom Kitchen. Based on the philosophy that the kitchen is the heart of both the home, and the source of fuel behind our body’s energy, Freedom Kitchen brings freedom to not only how individuals and families think about food, but how they are able to grow and prepare it.

International nutritionist, Natalia Rose, of the Natalia Rose Institute offers the Opening Keynote followed by 45 experts giving participants the tools to find freedom THROUGH food and hear how to nourish the body and the soul, ending the Summit with the Closing Keynote from Donna Maltz, the author of Live Like The Future Matters.

The keynote will be followed by five days featuring 45 experts giving participants the tools to find freedom THROUGH food, hear how to nourish the body and the soul, and learn how to live like the future matters.

Summit registration includes access to all of Freedom Kitchen’s Masterclasses, plus free downloadable educational information including:

  • 33 Conscious Cures: Solutions to the 21st Century Pandemics by Donna Maltz
  • Emotional Eating S.O.S Guide by Natalia Rose
  • Your Perfect Recipe For Vibrant Energy
  • 5 Steps to Better Health Now by Joanna Chodorowskas
  • 20 Healing Sweets Recipe Book by Dr. Madiha Saeeds

Freedom Kitchen Summit is sponsored by Sprout Bake, Min’s Matcha, Natalia Rose Institute, Wellness Universe, and Freedom Kitchen Kids.

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Masterclasses include:

  • In the Kitchen with Joanna
  • Resilient Health – How to Thrive in our Toxic World
  • Kids Cook Real Food
  • Mind Your Freedom – Early Choices for Optimal Mental Health
  • Cooking segment
  • Detoxification for Health
  • Finding Your Wild Free Self in the Kitchen & Beyond
  • Diet and Pelvic Health
  • Releasing Trauma Creating Food Addictions
  • Food: The Beginning of my Healing Journey
  • Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World
  • Eating for optimal health — with breast cancer or any chronic disease
  • Sprouting for digestive health
  • Raising Resilient Kids
  • Should we be counting chemicals instead of calories?
  • Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Critically Thinking with Dr P
  • How Trauma Affects Our Food Choices
  • Addressing Sugar Addiction
  • The Art of Jazz Cooking: Intuitive Eating to Nourish Your Soul
  • Connect to the Magic of Your Mind, Body and Spirit – Know What Foods are “Right” for You and Your Family
  • The Heart & Soil of Food
  • Live Like the Future Matters
  • Non-Toxic Kitchen and Food Storage
  • Making Rainbow Salads
  • Transcending Trauma – How it Shapes Up
  • The Role of Health Coaching with Fitness Training
  • PAN-tuitive Cooking Class
  • Eating Local and In-Season
  • Keynote Address
  • Food Saved Me
  • Eating for Autoimmunity and Health
  • The Recipe For Vibrant Living
  • What is Insulin Resistance
  • The Role of Health Coaches
  • Modeling the Best for Our Kids
  • Grocery Store Tour

Freedom Kitchen transcends time and space to offer cooking classes and education to those ready to eat real food. It is a place for health enthusiasts to gather.

After a decade of teaching holistic health, Lisa could clearly see a need to gather in the kitchen with like-minded individuals. A new ecosystem is needed that organizes resources from health advocates, food producers and farmers to influence the shift to conscious consumerism.

Her teachings of holistic health and nutrition follow yogic principles, starting with ahimsa, or “non-harming.” Similar to the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians to “first, do no harm.”

It seems so simple, yet somehow we forgot. Regardless of how we got here, it is time to course-correct. Will you join us in the kitchen to live like the future matters?

Freedom Kitchen is a place to gather, to nourish and to love.

Lisa Jendza is a business and health coach who has owned a Wellness Spa and co-founded a Commercial Kitchen/Cooking School. A dynamic change agent and business guru, she cut her teeth in the business world with GM and EDS, leaving a successful career with HP after 25 years, in the fast-paced world of IT Consulting to coach others on holistic health modalities.

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