#FutureAmazingLoser – Adam Barrett

MAN v FAT is where men come to get information and ask questions, so in time they can become Amazing Losers. This week we’re meeting #FutureAmazingLoser Adam Barrett or @adambarrett82 as you may know him on the forums.

Adam has struggled with his weight since his secret eating began when he was starting high school, and despite getting down to 210 lbs (95.3kg) a few years ago he says he is a classic yo-yo dieter from the Oprah school. He is currently a member of Trim Down Shape Up in Wigan and by eating a balanced diet, walking and getting back into football he’s now lost 21lbs from his starting point of 333 lbs (151 kg).

You can catch up with Adam, ask him any questions or simply cheer him on by visiting this thread.

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