Getting back into exercise after a long break

Get enough rest in between sessions

Exercise makes us feel good and it’s human nature to chase that feeling so we can keep up that sense of wellbeing. But resting properly in between sessions is key to improving your fitness and keeping your body in tip-top shape.

Resting is essential for muscle growth, and not recovering properly from your workouts can lead to decreased performance when you do work out next. Think about it – have you ever tried to throw in an extra workout but struggled through it because your body was knackered? It’s like running through treacle and it’s no fun. 

So what’s the perfect amount of rest? It depends on things like your age, fitness level and the intensity of your training, but generally giving yourself 24-48 hours in between training the same muscles is a good guide.

That’s not to say that you must be completely inactive during that rest period, just enjoy a gentle walk or do some light stretching (also known as ‘active recovery’) instead of an intense workout. 


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