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“From Chronic Pain to Purposeful Living”: a helpful message of hope for those fighting against illness. “From Chronic Pain to Purposeful Living” is the creation of published author Glenda Crumbley, a dedicated mother of four and grandmother of seven who holds a master’s degree in public health.

Crumbley shares, “This book details the struggles of a woman who ultimately defied incurability and the medically unknown for the most part. After being diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in 1999, Glenda fought to overcome bedridden and regain her place in society. Despite the nature of the incurable disease, Glenda realized without medical provision, she was in for a battle that could ultimately mean doom. In 2004 she began her journey by combing home remedies, trial and error, and prayer.

“However, instead of continually bowing to debilitating symptoms, Glenda had to exchange blows ‘the beast verses the remedy.’ Over time, she regained her sense of freedom. Glenda found that homeopathic remedies were the ‘life changers,’ so she has embarked on a mission to educate and encourage others to utilize health solutions that promotes quality of life.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Glenda Crumbley’s new book will resonate with many who have found themselves trapped by an illness or injury.

Crumbley shares in hopes of helping others on their healing journey and to spread awareness of the potential within homeopathic remedies.

Consumers can purchase “From Chronic Pain to Purposeful Living” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “From Chronic Pain to Purposeful Living,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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