Great Group Hike at Santa Teresa Park

I rode my recumbent to Santa Teresa Park in south San Jose to do a jaunt with my hiking meetup. We hiked up the steep way to Coyote Peak, then back down the gentler way. My favorite way to do it. On the way home I did some sprints on the ‘bent. Pretty stiff tailwind on the way back, so I was glad so for some electric assist. Overall a challenging but fun workout.

Our hiking route
Mama cows and their half-grown calves on the boundary trail on the way up. Some of the calves were to the left of the trail and Mama to the right. Knowing it’s not a good idea to between a Mama and her calf, we worked our way past slowly while gently reassuring the Mamas. They just stared at us and chewed their cuds so I guess they’re used to humans coming by
On Coyote Peak, San Jose is in the background. Our group leader, Roya, is holding Mollie, a little Yorkie-poodle mix who walked most of the way, but was carried by her owner (taking the picture) up some of the steeper bits
Mollie entertaining us at the peak
Coming down from the peak
A bridge near the bottom of Rocky Ridge trail. Now you can see Mollie’s daddy (Kevin)
Some of the many beautiful wildflower displays


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