Group Ride Tuesday, Dentist Wednesday

On Tuesday I rode with my group in the hills East of Gilroy. We started at the parking lot of Harvey Bear park at the Mendoza ranch entrance off Roop road. I carpooled to the start with ride leader Kris. My ride to her house is posted here. The group rode out Gilroy Hot Springs road to the end, then came back to Canada road. At the turn onto Canada is the CalFire station where I had my accident in October. Friends asked if riding by there for me brought back anything traumatic, but I said no because I don’t remember the incident! We continued on Canada till it turns left on Jamison road, and rode that till its end, which is at the top of a steep little “stinger in the tail” of a climb, the did another out and back stretch on a different part of Canada rode. The group decided to add in a detour down Coyote lake road on the way back. That is a pretty ride but I was cold up in the hills, not having worn enough layers, so I decided to just ride home instead. The group ride plus my ride home are posted here. I burned up almost all the remainder of my battery on my way home because there was a headwind so I used turbo mode most of the way which is fast and fun but not economica.

Yesterday I rode my bike to the dentist, 16 miles away in South San Jose. I didn’t want to be super sweaty when I got there so used a lot of turbo on the way and got there in 62 minutes. I had to nurse my battery on the way home so that took 91 minutes. Unfortunately, my gps watch didn’t start properly on the way there so I only have the return ride posted here. I think I’ll let my e-bike rest a few days now as I worked it hard two days in a row.

The gang on the bridge at the end of Gilroy Hot Springs road. Looking back the way we came.
Looking Southeast from the same bridge. There’s a mountain bike trail that goes out into that canyon and ends up in Henry Coe state park that I’d like to try
Turning from Gilroy Hot Springs onto Canada. There is some loose gravel but it does not look dangerous. I don’t know how I managed to go down at this spot, it must have been a freak accident.
At the corner of Canada and Jamison. Pretty view of ranchland to the SouthEast
View From the top of Jamison road