Health & Wellness: Your Guide to No Pong Natural Deodorant

I am really, really passionate about natural deodorants- so much so that I was actually once banned from an online forum for talking about them! How times have changed!

By Irene Falcone

When people ask me where they should start when it comes to making the switch to natural, toxin-free products, I’ll often recommend beginning with deodorant. Mainstream deodorants are some of the absolute worst offenders when it comes to toxins, and the underarms are an area we need to be particularly careful about as we have lymph nodes there, meaning our underarms can lead straight to our blood and lymph vessels. Many mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminium, a heavy metal, and other potentially toxic chemicals that, when applied topically, can end up in our body.

Despite this, so many people are skeptical about natural deodorants- they’re afraid they won’t work! That’s one of the many reasons why I love No Pong. Their formulas are so effective that they convert even the staunchest natural deodorant naysayers!

As Melanie McVean and Chris Caley, the duo behind No Pong, continue to expand the No Pong range, you really are spoilt for choice. To make the decision process a bit easier, I’m breaking down the No Pong range to help you choose the very best natural deodorant formula for you.

No Pong Founders

Why No Pong?

Aside from being an Australian owned small business, there are so many reasons to love No Pong. No Pong does exactly what it says on the tin, without complications- hence the straight-to-the-point name!

All of No Pong’s formulas are toxin free (of course), all natural, cruelty free and housed within packaging that is entirely free from plastic, recyclable and reusable. The creams themselves are designed to be rubbed onto the skin, which means you’re actually able to keep an eye on that area of your body to check for lumps each day (something most of us forget to do otherwise!). No Pong also offers a bicarb-free formula, given that bicarb is an ingredient many people find quite irritating, meaning they really do have a formula for every body.

You can hear more about what makes No Pong so different on Episode 15 of my podcast, Talking Clean With Irene.

Your Guide to the No Pong Range

The No Pong All-Natural Anti-Odourant Original is the brand’s signature formula and has been shown to be effective for over 12 hours. The original No Pong formula relies on natural ingredients to create a water-resistant environment where odour producing bacteria simply can’t survive- even in tropical heat and during strenuous exercise!

No Pong Original Formula

For those with more sensitive skin under the arms, I recommend the No Pong All-Natural Anti-Odourant Bicarb Free. This formula is just as effective as the original No Pong, but is gentler on the skin and uses antibacterial Coconut Oil and Beeswax rather than bicarb soda- an ingredient some people are sensitive to.

No Pong Bi-carb Free

No Pong have recently launched a new Fragrance Free, Vegan formula to their range, which has a beautiful smooth texture than you can either wear on its own, or layered with any other scents you like. This formula is low in bicarb and is, as its name suggests, vegan, meaning it’s another great option for sensitive skin.

No Pong Vegan and Fragrance Free

If you do prefer a scented Anti-Odourant, you’ll love the two new additions to the No Pong line- the Spicy Chai Bicarb-Free Formulation and the Spicy Chai Original Formulation. Both of these new No Pong deodorants combine a really beautiful, gender-neutral fragrance of woody notes and hints of sugar and spice with the same much-loved formulas of the Original and Bicarb-Free No Pong tins.

No Pong Chai

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Brand: No Pong