Healthy Afternoon Snacking


An afternoon snack can power you through the rest of your day or send you into a carb coma. We’ve rounded up a list of kid-friendly snack recipes that will energize your family when the mid-day slump rolls around.

Sweet Treats

Waffle Apple Slices with Almond Butter & Coconut – these tried and true ingredients get a gold star for introducing a fun shape and texture to entice your kids into getting an extra serving of fruit.

Chocolate Apricots: two simple ingredients and a great (easy) after-school cooking activity with kids? We’re sold. These would also be awesome with frozen bananas!

Quick Kebabs: who doesn’t love snacks on a stick? These quick kebabs can be made with any type of lean meat and cheese combination, but we’re partial to turkey and cheddar.

Go bananas: Bananas are a naturally sweet snack that kids love.

This Zucchini Bread with Chia Seeds makes for a filling snack loaded with nutrients that will get you over the hump to dinnertime.

Don’t feel like baking? Try these sugar and dairy-free Coconut Delights!

Salty Favorites

These Cheese & Cucumbers are a great spin on a classic—or get playful and let the kids make “boats” by cutting the cucumbers lengthwise, scooping out the seeds and adding low fat cream cheese instead.

You don’t need to give up chips entirely. These Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips are a great way to satisfy your craving. Or, while you’re in the produce isle, pick up some kale and make these Kale Chips!

For those spicy little dippers, try this skinny buffalo wing hummus!

Move over ants—frogs on a log is a great savory swap for the traditional peanut butter and raisin favorite.


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