Healthy Living Podcasts: Ep 44: Essential Oils Demystified with ECO. Modern Essentials

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Claire Mitchell, the founder and CEO of ECO. Modern Essentials. This brand delivers 100% pure essential oils and blends at an affordable price, aiming to enhance health and wellbeing beyond the appearance of the skin.

By Irene Falcone

One of my non-negotiable daily rituals is using essential oils. I have them on me in roller ball form, I put a few drops in my bath of an evening, I use them with my diffuser to fill my home and office with scent… I just can’t go a day without using my oils!

ECO. Aroma Tea Tree

My absolute favourite essential oils are all by ECO. Modern Essentials. ECO. make a huge range of natural, PETA certified vegan & cruelty-free (as well as skin and body care) that you can apply to the skin, use in your diffuser, drop in the bath or mix with carrier oils to create your own custom blends. What started as a range of 10 essential oils 11 years ago has grown to a range of 350 products, all with wellness at their core. Although the ECO. Modern Essentials collection spans across so many categories, oils really are their specialty. What never ceases to amaze me about ECO.’s oils is how affordable they are! Pure, high quality essential oils can be seriously expensive, but ECO.’s price point means that you really can build up a bit of a library of oils that you can then pick and choose from depending on what you need on each day.

ECO. Aroma Diffuser

This week on the podcast, I’ve enlisted the help of ECO. Modern Essential’s founder and CEO Claire Mitchell to help me break down the range!

Why You Should Use Essential Oils

I recommend essential oils to anyone who’ll listen, because they have so many benefits beyond just smelling beautiful.

“We’re all about wellness,” Claire tells me, as each oil, either pure or blended, has its own list of benefits. Claire explains to me that each new ECO. product is really driven by what the brand’s customers and social media community (who Claire refers to as the ECO. family) are wanting and asking for. She also tells me that there’s two really different camps of ECO. shoppers, and she caters to both- there’s those who want really purpose-driven, pre-blended oils that have really clear benefits, and there’s the more advanced essential oil users who like to shop pure oils and then create their own blends.

ECO. Aroma Women's Wellness Kit

Whichever camp you reside in, it’s surprisingly easy to choose the right oil for your needs.

If you’re struggling to fall asleep of an evening, or just need a little help winding down at the end of a long, stressful day, Claire recommends the Lavender oil, Sleep Blend, Frankincense or Dream Drops. Wanting to boost your immunity? Choose the Immune Support Blend, Immune Booster or Sinus Clear.

My personal favourites for bath time are Lavender and the Women’s Blend, while Claire loves using Australian Shores in her diffuser each morning.

ECO. Aroma Lavender

The Power of Magnesium

One of the very first ECO. Modern Essentials products that I fell in love with was the brand’s Recovery Magnesium Spray – and it seems to be one of your favourites too, as it’s so often sold out and sells out again the second we restock!

Claire agrees, telling me that it was one of the first ECO. products that really resonated with her customers, many of whom are really active and need help with muscle recovery.

Magnesium is a proven muscle relaxer, so it’s fantastic for aches and pains, but what makes ECO.’s magnesium so special is that they actually blend it with essential oils (oils, of course, being their specialty) that also have known benefits for sore muscles, like Black Pepper Oil. Claire tells me that the Recovery oil is also incredible for calming stomach cramps and for easing children’s growing pains.

ECO. Little Range

Essential oil myth busting

I am constantly reading about developments in the natural health and wellness space, and I’ve come across so many strange little tidbits about oils lately that just didn’t sit quite right with me, so I took the opportunity to ask Claire to bust a few myths for us.

While many people are afraid that essential oils can be harmful to their household pets, Claire explains to me that you don’t need to worry. If your cat or dog doesn’t like the scent of an oil you’ve applied to your skin or are using to fragrance a room through a diffuser, they will quite literally just walk out of the room!

Something I’ve seen a lot of lately on Instagram is people sipping water with a drop or two of their favourite oil in it. Claire advises against this, telling me that ECO.’s oils are designed to be applied topically only, and that you should seek medical advice should you wish to ingest your oils.

Finally, I quizzed Claire on the use of essential oils for the skin, as many people advise against the topical application of essential oils. Claire has busted that myth too- pure essential oils shouldn’t be applied to the skin without a carrier oil, but are definitely safe when blended. Still nervous? Simply do a patch test on your skin prior to a full application!

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