Healthy Living Podcasts: Ep 48: The Perfect Glowing Tan with Three Warriors

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Corbin Halliday, the founder of Three Warriors. Three Warriors is a range of Australian made, certified organic tanning products, developed after Corbin was diagnosed with a chronic illness and decided to cut the toxins from his beauty regime.

By Irene Falcone

I was first introduced to Three Warriors back in the summer of 2018 and, although I was admittedly a bit reluctant to try their range (more on that shortly), this brand has since become one of my absolute favourite, cannot-live-without brands.

Up until around 2018, I was religiously using a different false tanning mousse. It was a nice product and I was pretty happy with the results, so when our Nourished Life buyer Lucy told me that there was another Australian, toxin-free, certified organic tanning brand that I should try, I actually said “Nope, I’m good thanks!”

We’d been sent a few Three Warriors samples to the Nourished Life office, so Lucy took them home with her over the weekend to try out. She came back to the office on Monday and said “Irene, you seriously need to try these. I think we should be stocking this brand.” I was reluctant, but I gave the Self-Tan Mousse a try (it was on this night that I learnt to NOT shake an open bottle of tan on carpeted floors, and do NOT leave your used tanning mitt on said carpet- tanning should take place in the bathroom!)

When I woke up the next morning, I actually had no words. It was the best colour and formula I had ever used- and I’ve tried a lot of false tans. Beyond the certified organic, non-toxic formula, there are two major things that make Three Warriors, their Self-Tan Mousse in particular, so great:
1. The colour. It is just bang on. It looks so natural- like a natural sun tan, only deeper and glowier.
2. The fact that the mousse can be washed off between 1 and 5 hours after application. I really hate the feel and the smell of fake tan, so the fact that I can wash this mousse off after an hour (sometimes I even rinse after 40 minutes!) and still get a beautiful tan without ruining my sheets or feeling sticky is a serious game changer.

In episode 48 of the podcast, I spoke to Three Warriors founder Corbin Halliday to tell him just how much I love his products, and find out exactly what it is that makes this range so special.

Why did Corbin launch a tanning brand?

Corbin had been working in the beauty industry for 9 years when, in 2014, he began suffering from daily migraines, high blood pressure, brain fog and intense nerve pain. After countless tests and visits to doctors and specialists, Corbin was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which can occur due to a buildup of toxins in the body (in Corbin’s case, he was being unknowingly exposed to toxic black mould in the rental property he was living in).

After his diagnosis, Corbin decided to change to his lifestyle to really limit the number of toxins. He changed his diet, switched to organic foods, and researched the beauty products he’d been working with for so many years.

He discovered that many mainstream tanning products contain a synthetic form of DHA, a tanning agent. The synthetic form actually contains heavy metals, many of which can enter the bloodstream- a scary thought, given that we apply tan to our entire body!

Corbin then set out to develop a toxin-free, certified organic false tan, and so Three Warriors was born.

The story behind the Three Warriors name

Corbin tragically lost his father in a boating accident when he was just 10 years old. Corbin has two older sisters, and his mother began calling her kids her “three warriors.” The name of the brand is a tribute to the strength of his family, with the term “warrior” doubling as a mantra, linked to the way in which he has fought back against his chronic illness.

I really do believe that Corbin’s story is part of the reason why so many people have fallen in love with this brand. The products are amazing on their own, but it’s the story behind the brand that people (myself included) feel so drawn to.

Three Warriors Scrub

Feel good beauty

Corbin tells me that Three Warriors is all about enhancing your natural beauty, not hiding it. You feel great when you use a Three Warriors product as you know you’re applying organic, skin-loving ingredients to your skin and you’re staying out of the sun, but you also feel great simply because you have a beautiful tan! Corbin tells me that a great tan highlights your smile, your eyes, your hair colour and even your clothes, and I honestly could not agree more. There are few beauty products more transformative on my mood than a false tan- so much so that I’ve actually told my husband that if I’m ever down in the dumps, he needs to remind me to just stop and go and put some tan on!

Another big feel good element to Three Warriors is how sustainable these products are. The packaging is all recyclable, and the ingredients themselves are sourced from local, sustainable farms.

The Three Warriors range

Three Warriors Range

Whether you’re an experienced self-tanner or just want to give your skin a really light glow, there’s a Three Warriors product for you.

The brand’s Face Tan Aqua Mist sells out all the time at Nourished Life(so snap it up now while it’s in stock!) as it gives the face a beautiful natural glow without clogging the pores or flaring up any irritations. The Gradual Tan Lotion is another best seller alongside my favourite product, the Self-Tan Mousse. Three Warriors also make some beautiful products to accompany your tanning routine- an Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt so you can get the smoothest possible finish and an even application every time, and a Tasmanian Sand Scrub to prep your skin before your tan.

Something I only found out during this chat with Corbin was that there’s also a Three Warriors professional range! To find out which salons near you use the Three Warriors professional formulas, you can check the stockist list out here.

Shop the Three Warriors range online now.

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