Healthy Living Podcasts: Ep 50: Krumbled Foods with Founder Keira Rumble

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Keira Rumble, the founder and CEO of Krumbled Foods. A certified nutrition, wellness advisor and business owner, Keira established Krumbled Foods to bring delicious, legitimately healthy snacks to the market, each of which have been carefully created to provide a daily dose of skin-supporting nutrients and include 5 key anti-ageing ingredients in each convenient snack bar.

By Irene Falcone

The Nourished Life office can’t get enough of Krumbled Foods.

The beautiful Keira Rumble, my guest on Episode 50 of the podcast, very kindly sent a big box of Krumbled Foods’ Beauty Bites to our office a while ago, and the ENTIRE BOX was gone within a couple of hours.

Why? Because they are SO moreish. Keira’s brand, Krumbled Foods, was created when Keira realised that basically every so-called “health snack” was actually packed with hidden sugars, and the few snacks that actually were healthy tasted rubbish. Keira was diagnosed as insulin resistant at age 20, something that made her gain quite a bit of weight, and she was determined to change the way she felt and find a healthy snack that was “low sugar, natural and bloody delicious.”

And she’s done it. Krumbled Foods’ Beauty Bites are so delicious, that I still can’t stop snacking on them despite going vegan! They’re just too good!

Beyond her business, Keira is one of my favourite people to follow on social media as she’s so passionate about women’s health and feeling confident in your body. On this episode of the podcast, I was finally able to welcome Keira into the Nourished Life studio (in person!) to cover everything from Beauty Bites to her endometriosis journey.

On Beauty Bites

Krumbled Food Bars

Despite being the most delicious, gooey (not crumbly!) snacks of all time, Beauty Bites are filled with so many amazing ingredients.

Keira explains that she wanted to include both pre AND probiotics because, in her opinion, it’s essential to have them together as they work synergistically. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in our gut while probiotics ARE good bacteria, although it’s worth noting that there are a number of different strains of probiotics out there. Keira tells me that many of those strains actually aren’t shelf stable and others die off as soon as you eat them, but the probiotics found in Beauty Bites are entirely stable so they’re able to get right down into the gut. “Out gut is our second brain,” she says, “so we HAVE to nourish it.”

Keira Rumble and Krumbled Foods Bars

Beauty Bites are also rich in collagen, which is essential for skin hydration, giving our complexion that beautiful dewy glow and reducing and filling out fine lines. The collagen in Beauty Bites is hydrolyzed collagen with a low molecular weight, which is essential so your body can properly absorb it, and Keira has found that it actually delivers some serious hair and nail benefits too- so much so that her partner, who was previously unable to grow a beard, now has a thick lustrous one!

Choc Cherry Flavour

On women’s health

*Trigger warning: pregnancy loss

One of the reasons I love following Keira on social media is that she’s so passionate about breaking the taboo around reproductive issues and women’s health. Keira experienced an heterotopic pregnancy in January of last year. She had already been through two miscarriages prior to this, and tells me how alone she felt during that time as very few women were actually sharing their experiences online- so Keira decided to speak up.

Following that third miscarriage, Keira experienced persistent pain down her left side. She knew in her gut that something was seriously wrong, but the hospital kept turning her away and doctors told her that her pain was normal. On instinct, Keira took another visit to the doctor and pushed for a scan. From there, she was rushed to the hospital and fast tracked into the emergency ward. They treated her pain, she “recovered” and was sent home, but the pain kept getting worse. Keira lived with that chronic pain until this year, when she was told that her uterus was stuck to her ovary. She was finally able to have surgery after the initial COVID period subsided, and what was supposed to be a “simple, hour-long surgery,” became a complicated one as the doctors found endometriosis all throughout her body. Keira is currently recovering, and encourages listeners to really trust their bodies- if you feel something is wrong, visit the doctor and push to be seen.

On social media

Keira is so open on social media, and I love following her journey, but she tells me there’s a fine line between showing too much and too little. She explains that, as she felt so isolated during her pregnancy losses, she wanted to break the stigma around women’s reproductive issues and put her own struggles out into the universe.
When it comes to Instagram, her advice is simple- “if something or someone doesn’t light you up, unfollow!” Keira and I agree that Instagram paints a warped view of reality, so she’s committed to showing her audience her life as it really is.

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