Hello, February + Seeking Beautiful Moments

I welcome February with a deep breath and happy sigh. 
The sunshine is out today. It’s helping to lower our 2ft snow piles by just a bit. This, however, will be short lived. We have a winter storm due to hit sometime tomorrow or the next day. So today I will enjoying the sunshine beaming through the windows while it lasts.
Last month, I focused on slowing down. I returned to home cooked meals, baking bread from scratch, trimming our budget and working to be fully present in the moment with our family. Our schedule in January was still quite busy, but for us it was the right kind of busy. We got a lot of in-person time with various family and friends. It was good.
This month, I want to focus more on my self care. I want to be more intentional about staying hydrated, moving my body and seeking beautiful moments of rest. I added the word beautiful in there on purpose. 
During winter it can be hard to find beauty in the moments. It’s definitely there, I just need to seek it out. Like last night when I stepped outside to let the dogs out before bed. I looked up to see the stars shining bright in the dark clear sky while holding a hot cup of tea in my hands. I took a deep breath of the cold winter air and then watched the steam float away as the breath escaped my mouth. You know, that sort of thing. There can be moments of beauty even in the most cold and dark places.


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