Hello, I am new. I want to explain and see if anyone has advice (31F, weight gain is a pain)

Hello! I am 31F, 5’10, 125 lbs. I have a 10 year old son. Although my body doesn’t recall having a child. (No changes to my body/weight….I walked out of the hospital in size 0 jeans and my 6 pack/abs returned literally 10 days after birth.

I am an ectomorph. I try to take in 4,000 calories a day. I have no medical issues that keep me thin. I am on a maintenance medication called Suboxone which can cause weight loss or weight gain. I drew the unlucky straw and it caused weight loss.

I’ve always been pin thin. Methadone helped me get to 160 pounds, I looked fabulous! I was in acrobatics and ballet growing up, while weighing 160 May seem a bit chubby, on me it was mainly muscle and happy fluff.

I’m tired of people telling me how lucky I am… as I, a thin rail, stand next to a beautiful hourglass. I don’t want to be thin.

I don’t have a lot of money to take in 4,000 calories a day. I drink the Walmart brand weight gaining shakes. They’re tiny bottles, 350 calories each. I try to drink at least 4-6 a day.

Does anyone have tips?

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