Helpful tip

Just beforehand I'm not a nutritionist, I'm just giving a helpful tip that helped me gain some weight. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all.

I watch Mukbang, but I only watch two of them. One of them is Eat With Boki (YouTube) and the other one is Hunibee (YouTube). A lot of mukbangers are really disgusting to watch so the reason I only watch the two mentioned above is because they're both really clean. They actually look like they're enjoying their food instead if forcing it like others.

I never thought watching someone eat would help me gain weight but it has. A little over 10lbs. I struggle with having an appetite but hearing them eat and enjoying their food makes causes me find it appetizing. So if you struggle with having a normal appetite you might want to try watching a video of their's. You don't have to eat what they eat but sometimes I do so it feels more connected.

Boki eats A LOT of Ramen and she usually has vegetables/meat that she eats it with. Hunibee on the other hand eats mainly sweets and makes weird shaped cakes. I watch Hunnibee for the crunch sounds because she makes a lot of hard candy as well.

I just thought this would help and I hope it does. Just because they eat sweets or Ramen doesn't mean you have to. Swap it out for vegetables or fruits. Whatever works best for you! 🙂

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