High Calorie Breakfast Ideas for Weight Gain

What makes the top high calorie weight gain breakfast? Is it a specific food, or does it come from the balance of convenience and nutrition?

Look at it this way: what would you eat for breakfast if you knew you had to spend the day fighting with swords and shields – if it was life or death?

Armies have won or lost battles because of their breakfast (or lack of it). For you, it could be the difference between winning or losing the stubborn struggle for weight gain.

A high-calorie breakfast is one of the easiest and most important ways you can improve your diet to support better muscle, strength, and health gains.

Today, we’re discussing some high calorie breakfast ideas, why it’s important, what you should keep in mind, and some of the best breakfasts for gaining weight. We’re going to cover some classics and some new favorites and leave you with at least some new weight gain breakfast ideas.

Why is Breakfast Important for Gaining Weight?

Breakfast is important because it’s the first meal of the day.

That’s obvious, right?

Well it does represent a unique set of physical demands – or at least an intense version of them.

You’re eating at the end of the overnight fast. While your mind has rested, your body has been replacing old tissues, repairing damage, and building new muscle or tendon (1). This has been energy-expensive, and you need to get something back in.

Breakfast represents breaking the fast – eating again after a (hopefully long) sleep. But it also represents the first food choice you make in the day and the kind of standard you’re setting for yourself.

Why is a High-Calorie Breakfast Important?

Getting a great breakfast is going to replenish your body after sleep and recovery processes and set you up for the day.

When you make a good choice for breakfast, you’re doing two things. First, you’re providing the physical fuel and nutrients that your body needs. Secondly, you’re making a decision to push towards the lifestyle you need for better muscle growth and weight gain.

Physically, this means providing your body with nutrients to fuel the morning – and beyond. A good breakfast will be rich in nutrients that provide energy for the start of the day which, for most of us, is the most stressful and intensive part.

Emotionally, it’s a win. It’s starting the day right and reminding yourself that you’re in control of this diet and you’re making it happen. It also takes off a huge amount of stress throughout the day by relieving some of the calorie surplus, protein, and carb requirements you’re chasing.

When you’re trying to gain weight, eating a healthy and hearty breakfast means spreading the demands of eating across the day more evenly. This also means a consistent supply of both energy and protein for your body which can be a great way to support consistent muscle protein synthesis through the day (2).

Is Protein Important for Breakfast?

Even if you’re eating a light breakfast, it’s important to get plenty of protein in. Eating something – rather than nothing – is the best breakfast for weight gain!

This is a helping hand even if you’re not a morning person. Maybe you’re not eating a cooked breakfast, but a bowl of oatmeal with fruit is a great way to up that fiber and vitamin/mineral intake. Equally, a bowl of yoghurt with toppings can be a light, protein-filled way to get ahead of the day.

Every single meal helps during a bulking phase when 500 calories could be the difference between gaining mass this week or staring down at the scales and being disappointed. Even more importantly, it could be the difference between a good and bad training session…

Why Should You Eat Before a Morning Workout?

If you’re training any time before the evening, high calorie breakfast foods are a key factor in your fuel reserves.

Exercising on an empty stomach is okay for some types of activity, like running, but it’s a bad look for heavy lifting. You’re going to need carbs in reserve – in both your muscles and your liver – to get the best workouts.

Your body can tell how much you’ve eaten through the day and its measures of your energy availability impact exercise. They change your top-level performance, help you fight off fatigue, and even affect how stressful exercise is for both your body and mind.

Eating breakfast is part of the 12-24 hour fueling process that goes into a great workout. If you’re training early in the day, you’ll need a digestible and nutrient-packed breakfast to get you going. If you’re training in the afternoon, it’s going to be around 25-50% of your feeding on a training day.

You can’t take breakfast lightly when it’s such a huge player in your workout quality and long-term development.

What Makes a Top Weight Gain Breakfast?

Quick, Healthy Breakfasts for Busy People

A great weight-gain breakfast is best prepared quickly.

If you’re busy with work, studies, or family commitments then it’s important that your breakfast doesn’t eat up too much of your morning. A perfect weight-gain breakfast can be prepared within 15 minutes and is convenient. 

Easy to Prepare

The last thing you want to do in a morning is think too much. 

A great breakfast food is going to be simple to prepare – not just quick. The less conscious effort that goes into a breakfast, the less stressful it’s going to be and easier the habit will be to keep up.

This is why we prioritise things like toast, for example, that you can throw in a toaster while you continue with your morning preparations.

Equally, simple cooking like scrambled eggs are better than complicated multi-pan prep.

High-calorie Breakfast Foods for Weight Gain

Obviously, a high-calorie breakfast is perfect for weight gain.

If you have the time and the stomach for it, eating healthy high-calorie breakfast in a morning is a great way to improve your weight gain. It boosts your energy levels and also gives you a head start on the day’s eating.

However, even if you’re a light breakfaster, a small breakfast can still provide essential calories, protein, and micronutrients for the day. 

Protein-Rich Breakfast Foods (To Build Muscle)

More protein makes for better weight gain and a consistent supply of basic resources for muscle gain through the day. That’s the role protein plays in the body and the more you get from diet, the easier it is to gain muscle.

Protein is great and weight-gain diets benefit from higher intakes. The first focus for protein is to get as much as reasonably possible.

Using breakfast to start this process and take some of the pressure off yourself is a priority. High protein breakfasts – including things like eggs, fish, or even yoghurt – are an amazing start to you day.

Carbohydrates for Fuel

Carbs are fuel and even more important for morning workouts.

Carbing up is a big player in your workout performance. Great weigh-gain breakfasts usually contain a slow-releasing, starchy or fibrous carb source to maintain digestive and metabolic regularity.

These can get a little more sugary and fast-release for a morning workout, where they will digest and be used faster. Make sure your carb choice matches the physical activity layout of your day – early workouts mean more simple carbs with breakfast.

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