How these mums are smashing their fitness goals at home with The Healthy Mummy App

Who says you have to join a gym to get fit? Not with The Healthy Mummy App you don’t! 100,000’s Mums all over the world are using the App to improve their fitness and health, and the beauty is, they don’t even have to leave the house to do it!

“To access workouts from the app at home has been a lifesaver!”

“I love that the workouts can be done absolutely whenever and wherever.”

“If you think a workout on an app won’t do much for you,  think again!”

Take Control of your Fitness

Home to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, the Healthy Mummy App is designed to help busy mums take control over their health and weight loss goals. Not only does the 5 star rated Healthy Mummy App give you access to over 4500 family and budget friendly recipes, it also has over 500 Excercise Workout videos, all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home!

For busy mums, not having to leave the house to exercise means they can get a quick workout done before the kids get up, when they’re napping,  or even get the kids to join in!

These are all fully guided daily fitness programs, with loads of different options like Boxing, HIIT, Tabata, Yoga, babywearing to name just a few!

Hear why these mums LOVE IT!

Eirini Trajcevski from Melbourne has three kids and by using the Healthy Mummy App has lost 12 kilos after her second child, and another 12 kilos (and counting) after her third.

Eirini says, “When I have hundreds of workouts in my pocket, that I can do in the comfort of my own home, what isn’t there to love about The Healthy Mummy app?! I love the weights with Wendy workouts and I’m sure you will too!”

Mum of one Courtney Thursfield from Lyndhurst Victoria has lost 27 kilos by using The Healthy Mummy App.

Courtney says, “I love that the workouts can be done absolutely whenever and wherever. My fave workouts are the Real Mums workouts. There’s an awesome mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced; and they are all done by real mums that we all follow with The Healthy Mummy.”

Find out more about the Real Mums Workouts here.

Workouts for Everyone

There is literally a workout to suit everyone! With options for all fitness levels, the videos range from as little as 10 to 30 minutes in length. Plus the Healthy Mummy App even lets you sync data from your Fitness Tracker to further track your health goals.

Choose from:

  • Boxing
  • Hiit
  • Tabata
  • Power Yoga
  • Dance
  • Postnatal
  • Baby Wearing
  • Strength
  • Workouts with Weights
  • Advanced Fitness
  • Pregnancy
  • Booty Band
  • Booty and Belly Blasting
  • Real Mums Workouts

Our amazing group of dedicated Healthy Mummy trainers come from a  mix of backgrounds but are all passionate about helping mums achieve their fitness goals.

Meet the Healthy Mummy Trainers here!

Why These Mums are smashing their fitness goals

Hannah Pech from South Australia has five kids and has lost a whopping 35 kilos by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in the Healthy Mummy App.

Hannah says, “I love the app exercises! Especially the boxing workouts! With 5 kids they can join in and it’s a great stress relief! With 5 small kids being able to access workouts from the app at home has been a lifesaver!”

Melanie Toman from Penguin in Tasmania is a Mum of two girls and has lost 30 kilos with The Healthy Mummy.

Melanie says, “I absolutely love the workouts on the Healthy Mummy App. The best thing is you can do them at home whenever you can fit them in. It also means I can still get my workout done when we go camping!!

If you think a workout on an app won’t do much for you think again, I always end up a hot sweaty mess. The workouts have been a big part of my Healthy Mummy journey.

I love the meditation for relaxing and de-stressing but my absolute favourite workout is dance cardio
I may not look very graceful but I have lots of fun!!”

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You get unrestricted access to :
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