How To Bake Frozen Pie Crusts: A Delish Pie Recipe

• For at least 15 minutes, allow the pie to defrost.
• Prick the bottom part of the crust with a fork.
• Moisten the crust’s edges with water.
• Add your filling.
• Using your finger together, pinch the edges of the top and bottom crusts, top the pie with the second crust.
• Proceed with baking the pie according to its recipe.

A word of note, though: a common problem encountered when blind baking is that as the dough bakes, the fat in it melts, causing the dough to shrink down to the sides of the dish. This is because of the steam that is being created as the fat melts. However, that steam may do both good and bad. The good side is it gives tasty layers and flakes on the crust. The bad side is because of that steam. The crust becomes puffed up when there is no heavy filling. The result? A weighed-down crust.

This is why, as noticed in all of the procedures stated here, pie weights are needed. There are pie weights sold in stores for baking supplies. Some use granulated sugar. Pie weights aren’t just limited to dry beans like what is mentioned in the steps above.