How To Cool Bread Without A Wire Rack: Baking Hacks

• If you have a gas stove that has raised, removable grates on top of its burners, you may use it. Take it and place it on your counter. After removing your pan from the oven, set it on the grate. The bottom of the pan will cool faster.

* Should a large baked item is to be transferred like a loaf of bread (no pan used), make sure to clean the grate with soap and water before doing so.

• If you have a foil, roll up pieces of it and place them on your counter in 2 inches apart. Make three pieces of rolled foil. Make it thick and cylindrical to allow the flow of air underneath. You may use more than three pieces of rolled foil depending on how you need to distribute the weight of the pan with the baked item.

• With the use of open- style cookie cutters, place each of them on the counter, leaving some space apart them to allow air to flow at the bottom. Set your pan or baking sheet on top of it. Make sure you use metal cookie cutters since you will be placing a hot pan over it. Any shape of cookie cutters will do.

* In this method, transferring smaller baked goods such as cookies or mini cookies will not be possible as cookie cutters may not be stable to place them in.

• With the use of a cool burner of an electric stove, set the hot pan or baking sheet on it. It will allow the flow of air and cool it down faster. Large baked items may also be transferred on it as long as it is thoroughly cleaned.

• A baking rack is placed on the counter. Set a hot pan or baking sheet on it to cool faster or directly transfer baked goods on it. A rack from the oven, toaster oven or roasting pan will do.

* If the rack isn’t high enough to allow space for air below, use the rolled cylindrical foils to place underneath it. For cookies and other small baked goods, line the rack with parchment paper or wax paper first to prevent them from falling through the spaces between the racks.

Next, here is the second method on how to cool bread without a wire rack. Follow the steps below: