How To Create A Better Sleeping Environment


By Mike Igi | February 28, 2022

Getting enough sleep is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that your body is replenishing yourself. So anything you can do to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom will be a positive thing to encourage you to gently drift off to sleep. If you are in need of some much needed ideas, these suggestions will help to inspire you on how you can add some relaxing routines to your nighttime schedule.  

Replace Your Bedding and Pillows 

If you haven’t changed your bedding in a long time then it might be worthwhile upgrading your mattress and pillows. Your mattress can get lumpy and uncomfortable after many years so it is definitely worth changing it to a nice, springy new one to encourage a good night’s sleep. 

Switch Off From The Outside World

You might be inclined to sit in bed and scroll through your cell phone but it is not the best way to try and relax as it emits blue light and will keep your mind active. This can affect your ability to sleep well during the night so the less you can use your cell phone before bed the better. 

Block Out Any Outside Light 

When you are trying to sleep it can be really distracting if there is any outdoor light drifting in through your windows. You can prevent this from happening by installing some zebra blinds for windows to give you privacy at night but ensure that you have plenty of natural light during the daytime. 

Use Essential Oils 

Using a diffuser with a few drops of essential oil is a great way to encourage you to relax. It will gently release the fragrance into the air and help you to feel more relaxed in preparation for bed. Essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, and ylang ylang can be effective at helping to encourage relaxation whilst also providing a nice fragrance to the room. 

Read a Book 

Curling up in bed and reading a book can be a great way to get yourself ready for sleep as opposed to watching tv or scrolling through your phone. It can be relaxing to get lost in a good story and prepare your mind for sleep. 

Listen To Music 

Listening to some nice relaxing music and closing your eyes as you lay on your bed is a good way to get into a peaceful mindset. It will help you to forget about all your stresses and just get your mind into a relaxing state before you drift into sleep. 


You can do some relaxing exercises before bed such as meditation or yoga poses. This will help to get your mind into a relaxing mindset and focus on your breathing techniques before going to sleep.