How to get a flatter tummy by Christmas Day

When it comes to getting a flatter stomach, we are all impatient and want it to fall off straight away and hit the beach in our bikinis.

While there’s no race when it comes to shifting the kilos from around our tummies, there are some ways you can help kickstart your weight loss journey.

Here’s how you could get a flatter stomach Christmas by doing these simple tweaks…

15 EASY ways to get a flatter stomach in time for Christmas

1. Eat clean

keto lite: safe for mums Simple-Prawn-and-Garden-Salad

Following a healthy eating plan such as the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge will help you achieve this. In essence, it’s about eating food as close to nature as possible, and reducing your intake of processed foods.

Here’s where to find the recipe for our Simple Prawn and Garden Salad (pictured above).

2. Get your heart rate up

Any sort of exercise is going to help with your total calorie expenditure, so get moving!

It doesn’t matter how, but get moving! Whether it’s by doing squats as you make breakfast or walking to the shops instead of walking, it’s important to get moving.

Try exercises that target the stomach and core, such as the plank – grab your copy of our Exercise DVD for tips on how to perform this exercise.

3. Boost your metabolism

You can also include foods such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon, chilli turmeric, and cumin in your diet. These foods fire up your metabolism which turns your body into a fat burning machine.

4. Up your protein intake

Protein keeps you fuller for longer, which means you shouldn’t feel like reaching for a sugary snack after your meal as you will be comfortably full.

Think nuts, salmon, lean meats, tofu, eggs, yoghurt, tuna and cheese.

5. Reduce the fat content in your food

When you eat fatty foods (think donuts, chocolate biscuits, pastries and junk food) you are often left feeling unsatisfied – you want more and more as you just don’t feel full.

By reducing the amount of these kinds of foods that you eat, and choosing high fibre and high protein foods, you will feel more satisfied and will be less likely to overeat.

Try eggs with wholegrain toast, tuna salads, chicken and veggie wraps, fruit and nuts, steak and vegetables.

6. Eat foods that reduce bloating

Reduce belly fat - 7 EASY ways to a flatter tum

Sometimes bloating is actually the issue at hand. Eating certain foods can help the body to reduce the bloating that can make you feel frumpy.

Incorporate broccoli, parsley, bananas, nuts, berries, peppermint, and apples into your diet as these are all bloat busting foods.

Check out the recipe to our yummy Beef Broccoli Stir Fry (pictured above) here.

7. Eat whole foods

By having a diet high in veggies, some fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, you will keep your bowels moving and this will stop you from feeling bloated.

8. Drink out Healthy Mummy Tummy smoothie

It’s important to have a healthy gut, as not only does it keep you going to the bathroom regularly but it can help support your immune system.

Plus, consuming food that contains probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria, may help reduce belly bloat and also aid digestion.

And now there’s no need to have to take a separate probiotic, as our new Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie contains a heap of amazing new ingredients including probiotics to help you lose weight, support your gut health and feel fuller for longer!

9. Eat more fibre

Food like oats are a great source of fibre, which help keep you feel fuller for longer and steer you away from snacking throughout the rest of the day.

10. Ditch the sugar drinks

People who drink sugary drinks every day tend to have more belly fat, studies have found. By sticking to water, it will not only help quench your thirst but not add extra weight to your torso.

Water also helps kickstart your metabolism and curb your hunger pangs. Try drinking two litres of water a day.

11. Chew slower

By taking your time to eat slowly and really enjoy your meals, you will have a better digestion and also feel fuller, faster.

12. Stop before you feel full

Try to stop eating when you feel 80% full, as it takes time for your brain to register that you’ve eaten enough. By stopping when you feel comfortable, you may realise you are full and not want to eat anymore.

13. Have a bigger lunch than dinner

6 delicious NUT-FREE lunch box snack and meal ideas for kids

6 delicious NUT-FREE lunch box snack and meal ideas for kids

Research shows that eating your biggest meal of the day at lunch rather than dinner may help you slim down. Not only are you less likely to snack in the arvo but you’ve also given your body enough time to digest the largest meal of the day.

14. Have lemon in your water

Lemons are a fantastic way to battle fluid retention, which can leave you feeling swollen. You can try adding a wedge of lemon to cooled boiled water in the morning to help beat the bloat.


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