How to get the most out of the 6 Months to Summer Challenge

If you are using the Healthy Mummy App you may have heard about the awesome new 6 Months to Summer Challenge want to know what it’s all about. We are running this challenge to give our mums extra motivation and accountability to smash their health and weight loss goals just in time for Summer!

What is the 6 Months to Summer Challenge

Put simply, the 6 Months challenge consists of following SIX conventional 28 Day Challenges in the Healthy Mummy App, the first of which is Winter Warmer Challenge which starts 20th June 2022.

For those taking part, they will pledge their 6 month goal, and along with receiving a free Challenge Tool kit ebook, two lucky people will get the chance to win $1000 each!

They’ll also have access to the Healthy Mummy’s Private Support Group on Facebook, where there will be weekly prizes drawn and where they can chat with other mums taking part in the 6 month Challenge and get regular support emails.

See some of the incredible results mums have had in 6 months with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! Check them out here! 

Why 6 months?

No matter what your goal, be it weight loss, body confidence or simply better health, 6 months is a great time frame to measure real results and develop real and sustainable lifestyle changes. While you can expect to lose between 4 -6 kilos each month on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, committing to six challenges back to back  will ensure that small but consistent lifestyle changes, will soon become healthy habits that turn into long term results.

How do I take part in the 6 month Challenge?

As you are already a member,  you are already included in the challenge and can actively take part any time in 3 simple steps. You can also find all this information in the ‘LATEST INFO’ area in your account.

1.Make your Pledge.

This is your goal for the next 6 months. What do you want to achieve? It could be a particular number of kilos you want to lose or simply committing to getting the most out of the Healthy Mummy App, or a Non-Scale Victory like a getting back into your favourite dress.

Whatever it is, making a pledge will help you focus on exactly what you want to achieve and will  help keep you on track with something to look towards.

Make your Pledge HERE, copy it and save it. You can also write it down in your Challenge Tool Kit. Once you enter your pledge you will receive a welcome email, confirming you have joined the challenge!

2. Download your Free Challenge Tool Kit


This is an EBOOK  jammed with everything you need to set your goals, stay motivated and get RESULTS.

This is a Step by Step Guide with all the tools you need to achieve your weight-loss goals in the next 6 months.  You will be sent your  Tool Kit with your order confirmation email. You can also find it in the ‘My Offers’ area in your account.

3. Make sure you join the Healthy Mummy Private Support Group

If you haven’t already, this can offer extra support on your journey. It’s a  private group where you can talk to other members also on the Challenge and get NON STOP motivation and accountability to keep you on track. Previous 8 or 12 week challenge members have found this an invaluable part of completing the challenge, as other mums support, tips, and motivation have kept their goals firmly in sight.

There’s also weekly prizes to be won!

Join the Private Support Group here

For a Chance to Win 1000, Keep a Track of Your Before & After Weight & Measurements on the 6 Months to Summer Challenge!

Two lucky people will get the chance to win $1000 each!

To enter you will need to log your starting weight and measurements in the Healthy Mummy APP in the Update Progress section on your profile.

At the END of the challenge we will send the details of where to log your END  weight and measurements. 

Plus remember to take before progress and after photos and make sure you are keeping a record of these in the app as you go, so you have them to log later.

Still have questions about the 6 Month Challenge?

See our FAQ’s here

Good luck to everyone taking part! We can’t wait to see you SMASH YOUR GOALS!!!