How To Prevent The Cookie Dough From Sticking To Rolling Pins

It’s surprising to know that rolling pins were first used in the early 9th century BC by the Etruscans. They were the first civilization to have used the rolling pin, which was just a simple carved wood cylinder. Because of its efficiency, many people followed the tradition of using it.

Due to an increase in demand, manufacturers started to produce rolling pins in the middle of the 19th. But since there was scarcity in pine during that time, manufacturers resort to using maple and cherry hardwoods to make rolling pins.

But having no handle to grip-on hustles the bakers, so the African American inventor, J.W Reed, created a new type of rolling pin which has handles on both sides during the late 1800s and this was the birth of the design that is similar to what we use today. Now there are many versions. They differ in material construction like ceramic, glass, PVC, and classic wood.