How To Remove Odor From Silicone Bakeware? – Easy Cleaning Tips

Lingering fumes aren’t a concern exclusive to silicone ice cube trays; all sorts of silicone kitchenware may be affected. If you choose to produce, say, rice pudding, the silicone gasket within the fabric of any pressure cooker can absorb pungent odors such as garlic, and then pass them to the next item you prepare. Silicone spatulas may become prone to odors; that’s why it’s essential to know how to remove odor from silicone bakeware.

Some off fumes are composed of chemicals that stick to the kitchenware with silicone, just like water, these chemicals evaporate at high temperatures. So when you bake silicone, the scents are burning right off.

Silicone is perhaps the most suitable substance (apart from glass) for use with children who drink. Sometimes you may find a huge smell, and these sometimes occurring odors are the result of clinging food oils and washing soaps. It is not the silicone material as a whole. That is because the solution does not have additives that keep the silicone rigid.