How to thicken keto recipes without flour or cornstarch — Diet Doctor Explores

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Converting an old family-favorite recipe to low carb is often a doable task — unless the recipe calls for carb-heavy thickening agents like flour or cornstarch.

Oftentimes, coming across these listed ingredients causes keto cooks to scratch their heads — or throw in the towel altogether.

Thankfully, though, there is some good news. In many cases, you can actually use low-carb substitutes to thicken up your favorite soups, stews, gravies, casseroles, and more.

In this week’s episode of Diet Doctor explores, I’ll show you how easy it can be to achieve the right thickness and mouthfeel using low-carb thickening alternatives.

I’ll walk you through some of my favorite keto or low-carb thickening agents, including a few that are dairy-free! — and I’ll also show you some simple cooking techniques that help to thicken.

Want to try out some of these techniques at home? Check out this comprehensive Diet Doctor guide, which includes sample recipes and explains in detail how you can thicken your own low-carb or keto recipes.