“I feel in good hands with The Healthy Mum” says mum who’s lost 45 kilos in 10 months!

Sarah was so fed up not being able to lose weight she joined a waiting list to receive a gastric band. With a 3 year waitlist, Sarah resigned herself to being patient and carrying on as normal.

That’s when the mum of two discovered The Healthy Mummy!! Since joining 10 months ago she has lost 45 kilos and can’t quite believe how good she feels!

“I now have the energy to play with my children and enjoy being out and about with them”

See how Sarah lost 45 kilos below!

Sarah’s Weight Loss Journey

Mum of two Sarah Fitzell admits while she knew she needed to lose weight, she never realised how unhappy she was with her body.

Eleven months ago, she had won a free photoshoot and after she received the pictures back, she was shocked at what she saw.

“I cried because I didn’t like the person looking back at me. The pictures shook me to my core,” she reveals.

“I was tired all the time and I made excuses and played on my anxiety and I didn’t take the kids out because I didn’t like how I looked or couldn’t find clothes that looked good on me.”

The Victoria-based mum says after receiving the photos from the shoot, she decided to jump on the scales but it read error.

“The scales had a 150kg limit, and I was so big that the scales didn’t even register my weight,” she says.

That’s when she decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as a lifetime member.

Sarah began by having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every day and she also started changing what she was eating.

Instead of junk food, I would make healthy recipes such as the Chinese Beef and Broccoli with Soba Noodles, Mexican Lasagne and eat the healthy snacks as well,” she says.

She also upped her exercise by working out with the programmes from the Healthy Mummy App. “I love the dance fit workouts!”

Sarah’s Incredible Weight Loss Results

By using the recipes and exercises in the Healthy Mummy App and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, Sarah has lost 45 kgs in 10 months and is feeling amazing.

My health benefits are huge!  I no longer suffer joint pain and breathing isn’t as deep and can’t be heard on videos I’ve recorded.”

“Mentally I struggle with accepting how much weight I have lost but physically I can see it plus the fact that I now have the energy to play with my children and enjoy being out and about with them’

Sarah hasn’t come off the waiting list for surgery just yet as she is going to monitor her weight loss and then reassess at the time whether or not she needs to have it done.

“I feel in good hands with The Healthy Mummy,” she adds. “It’s not just a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change.

Sarah’s  Day on a plate

  • Breakfast – Healthy Mummy Smoothie. 
  • Morning tea –  Healthy  Mummy Snack, I always try to make it something to do with raw veggies and dip or vitawheats and cheese and tomato.
  • Lunch – Usually salads or a Healthy Mummy Smoothie and an egg.
  • Arvo tea – Fruit and yoghurt 
  • Dinner  –  Healthy Mummy recipe. I love Mexican lasagna, Chicken and Potato Tray bake (Challenge recipe) and Chorizo Pumpkin and Feta Salad.  

Brooke's Pumpkin Chorizo Salad

Brooke's Pumpkin Chorizo Salad

“My fav snacks are the Greek Yoghurt Pudding, Butterscotch fudge, Choc chip Peanut Butter Fudge Challenge recipe)   Choc Toffee Bark .

Sarah’s Three Tips for success

  1. Meal prep meal prep meal prep! You will thank me.
  2. Don’t be afraid to repeat meals it saves money.
  3. Fully understand that this is not a diet no foods are bad this is a lifestyle change.

Sarah’s Advice

“Mummas please don’t focus on your scales they don’t always change please measure and take progress pics.”

“Remember getting to a point that you were unhappy didn’t happen overnight losing weight will have its hard times but do not give up you are worth it and you have got this.” 

“Trust in the process of what you are doing every step is a step forward.”

Are you ready to live your happiest, healthiest, life? Join Sarah on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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