“I feel like a different man” – Amazing Loser Phil Stonell

Throughout my adult life, I’ve been a bit of a yo-yo dieter, with my weight ranging from 13-21st.

I found that the only way I seemed to be able to keep the weight off was by cycling. However, my left knee deteriorated following a motorcycle accident in my youth, until I had to give up cycling in 2015 to have my knee replaced.

I had gradually put on a lot of weight since having this total knee replacement in early 2016, and by February 2020 I got up to 20st 10lb.

MAN v FAT was recommended to me by my physio who was treating me for a shoulder injury. I knew I had to lose weight because I was really struggling to complete the physio exercises for my shoulder, and so I joined MvF in February. I lost 6kg in my first week and have never looked back.

I’m back on my bike (doing 20-25 miles a day) I’m eating a balanced healthy diet and I’ve dropped from 131.8kg (20st 10) to 101.3kg (15st 13) as of 21st May, a 30.5kg loss.


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