‘I had my first haircut in 23 years and it was a total transformation’

Two decades gone in an instant. Talk about refreshing your look!

I recently had the life-changing experience of getting a fresh haircut.

This wasn’t just any haircut; it wasn’t even just a “first time since lockdown lifted” haircut – although it also was that. This was a total transformation haircut.

I’ve watched trends come and go for more than 20 years and not succumbed to a single one.

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I’m just old enough to have lived through The Rachel the first time around, I cheered on a brave friend who copied Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical bob, I stayed true to my roots (and my natural ends) when every girl in my gang sported noughties balayage, and I even swept through the past few years without giving in to The Lob, aka the long bob, despite everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Delta Goodrem making a strong case for the It-girl style.

The truth is, I actually haven’t had a proper haircut in more than two decades.

It all started in 1998 when I fell hard for Sandra Bullock’s witchy long locks in the cult film Practical Magic. Like sunglasses are to Anna Wintour, waist-long dark tresses became my signature look. My long-suffering hairstylist has greeted me with “just a trim?” for 23 years.

She knows I’m more committed to that style than I’ve ever been to a boyfriend.

But something happened during Sydney’s lockdown. Maybe it’s because it was longer than my hair, but one day, completely out of the blue, I decided I wanted layers and curtain bangs – and I wanted them now.

I scrolled Pinterest for references of chic Parisian women and 20-something actors and pop stars sporting my future do, and sent them to my best friend, mum and sister.

I forgive them for thinking I’d never go through with it, but I stuck to my guns, and last week the brilliant Taylor James Redman, the Saunders & Co stylist-in-residence at Sydney salon Eyre by Rory Rice, transformed me from spooky to sophisticated with a few perfectly executed snips of his scissors.

The first reaction came from Body+Soul editor-in-chief Sarrah Le Marquand, who exclaimed that I looked 22, which is reason alone to commit to this new style for life.

It also struck me that if I actually were 22, I would’ve been born after Practical Magic was released in cinemas.

Deputy editor Nicholas Fonseca said I was giving him Lana Del Rey vibes (isn’t that the dream?) and my best friend said she’d be taking a photo of me to the hairdressers when she goes next.

As well as helping me realise that I have the most supportive colleagues and friends ever, my haircut has given me a new-found confidence, and also made me feel more optimistic and excited about the future.

It’s the kind of lift we all need after the past two years.

So, if you’re stuck in a hair rut or have seen a style you like but aren’t sure you can pull off – whether it’s curtain bangs, pink hair or a throwback to The Rachel (it’s trending on TikTok again!) – I’m here to tell you to make that appointment now and treat yourself to a transformation.

You’ll never look back… I know I won’t.

Well, aside from Halloween next Sunday when I may long for my witchy locks.

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