I Work in Fashion—These 13 Items Are at the Top of My Spring Wishlist

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One of the beauties of working in the fashion industry is that I can justify my many long, online shopping sessions as “research.” When I spend hours scrolling Shopbop, Revolve, and Mytheresa, it’s totally fine because I’m gathering insights on editor spring fashion trends and getting inspiration for future collections. Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

Plus, I’ve become somewhat of a fashion almanac, if you will, for my friends and family, utilizing my semi-photographic memory to curate outfits that precisely match their envisioned looks for various events. If there was a “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” episode focused on trending fashion, I’d walk away with a chunk of change and head straight to Saks Fifth Avenue.

image above from our interview with Mary Ralph Bradley

Clothing Rack Editor Spring Fashion Trends

But alas, I am no millionaire, so the urge to “add to cart” has turned into an extensive wishlist full of shoes, clothes, jewelry, and more. With spring finally here and summer right around the corner, I’m looking to refresh my wardrobe with a few new pieces, and the following list is exactly what I’d wish for if I found a genie in a bottle.

These 13 editor-approved spring fashion trends have occupied my mind for far too long to not see the light of day, so I’m putting this research to good use and sharing it with you. May my wishlist inspire your spring wardrobe, so that I can keep telling myself that an hour spent shopping is an hour well spent.

You heard it here first: Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers will be the it-sneaker of the year. With a similar profile to the Adidas Sambas, the Mexico 66 sneakers are at the top of my wishlist for being a more low-key option. Any colorway of these sneakers will make you stand out in a sea of Sambas, while still feeling on trend and in-style. If your sneaker game needs an upgrade, I highly recommend checking these out.  

How to style: I’ve touched a bit on the wrong shoe theory while discussing 2024 fashion trends, but the theory states that an unexpected shoe choice instantly creates a more fashion-forward outfit. Following this trend, I’d pair these sneakers with high socks and a DÔEN sundress. However, if juxtaposition isn’t your style, these sneakers pair perfectly with jeans, boxer shorts, and sweats!

Another good option:

My fashion wishlist is typically a revolving door, but this Prada mini skirt has had a permanent spot on the list for a good year at this point. When buying anything designer, I think about two things: practicality and uniqueness. It needs to stand the test of time and surpass trends, but also needs to offer me something that I can’t find at a lower price point. This skirt checks every single box. It’s a classic color and silhouette that will never go out of style, yet the pouch detail is unparalleled. Even though I’m a sucker for a purse, I could walk out of the house empty handed while wearing my credit card and lipgloss. Doesn’t get more epic than that. 

How to style: The way Enrica styled this mini skirt in her Instagram post has me taking major notes. I love the idea of dressing down such a high-fashion piece with a denim or cotton shirt and bringing it all together with a simple heel. Bonus points if the shirt hangs out of the bottom of the skirt. 

Another good option:

One of the most stunning and artfully crafted pieces of jewelry I’ve seen in a while, the Mejuri Mosaic Dome Ring has been in my cart for weeks. Though not explicitly shown in the photo, this ring features six different colored and shaped gemstones scattered over the gold dome. I’ve been super into chunky jewelry as of late, and my self control is wearing thin. I might need to make this mine sooner rather than later!

How to style: The beauty of the Mosaic Dome Ring is that it goes with everything. The multicolored gemstones will pair well with any color you’re wearing, or serve as a subtle pop of color when in neutrals. Wear alone on your finger or stack with other solid dome rings. 

Another good option:

I’m a sucker for good denim. My constant struggle is that I own too many jeans and not enough tops, but alas, here is another pair of jeans on my wishlist. The shape plays on the horseshoe denim trend but features two side cutouts for a flattering and slimming fit. Not only are these slits fashionable, but they are functional, too—keeping you cool with airflow on hot summer days.

How to style: The best thing about these jeans is that you can style them how you would any pair of jeans, with the added stunning details automatically elevating your fit. While a white tee and jeans might seem boring, a white tee paired with these jeans is anything but. Plus, they are the perfect length to show off a fun sneaker or sandal choice. 

Another good option:

If you obsessively added charms to your charm bracelet growing up like me, you’ll love Logan Tay’s charm necklaces. The brass chains and unique charms give these necklaces a very vintage feel and add the perfect pop of color to any jewelry stack. Handmade and accurately marketed as “jewelry you’ll never take off,” Logan Tay’s charm necklaces will be my summer staple.

How to style: These chunky, vintage-looking necklaces will add interest to just about any outfit, from a white tee to a sundress to a bikini. While a charm necklace can definitely hold its own, I love layering in other pieces and letting the whole stack be the star of a simple outfit. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a colorful outfit, opting for a charm necklace with a similar color story easily pulls the whole look together.   

Another good option:

I came across this dress in a boutique in Australia and it reconfirmed that love at first sight exists. This dress has a 100% chance of making heads turn and starting conversations. It’s literally a piece of art, with the gorgeous print designed in collaboration with artist Alan Berry Rhys. If you love the print but the price point of the dress feels a bit high, the scarves from the same collection might scratch the itch.

How to style: This is truly my dream summer vacation dress. If you have a tropical trip or wedding on your calendar, wear this and win best dressed. I love being a maximalist with color, so I’d pick accessories that match one of the secondary colors like green, yellow, or blue for a bright and festive look. 

Another good option:

The influencer boxer pant trend is still going strong, and this silky pair from Handover lives rent-free in my mind. Not only does Handover have the best marketing, attributing each style to a fictional ex-boyfriend, but each pair is artfully made-to-order in Spain. Heads up, due to the handmade nature of these pants, production time runs from 25-30 days—but I’m positive the wait will be worth it.

How to style: Boxer pants are all I want to wear these days, because you feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but look styled and on-trend. While Handover has plenty of wild prints for the out-of-the-box dresser, this classic silky pair is my ideal summer pant because of the versatility. Paired with a white tee and sneakers, these boxer pants are a chic and comfortable travel outfit, but once you arrive at your destination and throw on a pair of kitten heels, you’re ready for an easy summer night out. 

Another good option:

If I could snap my fingers and have a rainbow of Dancerina Flats in my closet, I would. I already own these ballet flats in black and light pink, and yet the silver, light yellow, red, and mesh versions haunt my dreams. With a similar look to The Row’s ballet flats, these are the comfiest flats on the market. Seriously—I’m talking zero blisters on the first wear. Running true to size, you might as well just order two colors at once to save yourself the trouble of placing a second order, because trust me, you will. 

How to style: I style these ballet flats with just about everything in my closet. It’s rare that a pair of shoes works perfectly with jeans and a sweater for errands and a mini dress for date night, but these flats pass the test with flying colors. I personally love juxtaposing these feminine shoes with a more casual outfit, but every once in a while it’s fun to embrace my inner ballerina and wear it with a girlier look.

Another good option:

If you follow me on TikTok, you know that I love a good blazer, and I am dying to add the Helsa S Curve Blazer to my collection. It has the vibe of an oversized blazer, but adds a feminine flare by showing off your waist. While you can’t go wrong with the black, I have my eye on the Khaki shade for chilly LA summer nights. 

How to style: Like I said, if we’re connected on social, you know that blazers are my go-to and I’ve gotten pretty creative with how I style them. Of course, this blazer will look effortlessly chic with blue jeans and loafers, but I’d love to style the S Curve Blazer with a silk maxi skirt and heels, or if it’s cold enough, micro shorts and tights. 

Another good option:

I first saw this set on Sofia Richie and immediately had to have it in my closet. The top/jacket is an actual showstopper. Crafted in Portugal, the unique shape of the shoulders, collar, and peplum create a flattering silhouette. Paired with the coordinating pants, it becomes a seamlessly chic look that’s perfect for any event. Available in multiple colors and patterns, don’t sleep on this set. I own it in a golden yellow color and think I need it in about five more shades. 

How to style: This set obviously looks incredible when styled together with a simple pair of heels and some fun earrings, but to get more use out of the pieces, I love styling them separately as well. The jacket can be worn unbuttoned over a white tank with jeans and sandals for a fun, yet casual spring outfit, while the pants pair perfectly with a button down and slingbacks for a more professional setting. The possibilities are endless, and you will not regret this investment. 

Another good option:

Button-up vests are one of my favorite things about summer style, so this sweater vest feels more like a need than a want. American Vintage is a French label that just opened its second US retail location in Malibu, and everything the brand touches turns to gold. The patch detail on this sweater vest will give people the impression that you spent hours digging through clothing bins at your local flea market, but the quality will feel designer. 

How to style: Channeling last year’s coastal grandmother trend, I’d pair this sweater vest with white linen pants and sandals to be cool and comfortable all season long. I also love the creative way it’s layered in the image above for cooler nights, making this a year-round staple. 

Another good option:

With sunnier days on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to wear your SPF and protect your skin. But, by no means does that mean you have to skimp on style. I love adding a vintage-inspired hat to my outfits in the summer, and no one does vintage-inspired quite like Cherry LA. My boyfriend has quite a few Cherry hats in his rotation and it’s about time I get one of my own. 

How to style: This Cherry hat is the perfect way to protect your face in style this summer. I’m envisioning this hat joining me on trips to the farmer’s market in overalls, to the beach in bikinis, and to work in boxer shorts and a sweater. Keep this hat by your front door, because you’ll want to throw it on every time you leave the house. 

Another good option:

I may be biased because I had a hand in creating this set, but the Workout Cardigan and Drills (leggings) from Daily Drills are a must for your next hot girl walk. The set comes in Mint Green and Mist blue, AKA the perfect shades for summer. The buttery-soft leggings have quickly become my favorite in my closet, and the workout cardigan is the light layering piece we all need for spring. 

How to style: All of Daily Drills’ pieces are designed to be styled together, and when worn as a set, the workout cardigan and leggings are about as chic as activewear gets. Layer the cardigan over your favorite sports bra or workout tank and pair the leggings with high socks and New Balances to be best dressed heading to and from your workouts. 

Another good option: