Im a picky eater, I eat no type of vegetables, but all types of meat. No types of sauce like ketchup or bbq. I’ve been stuck on 131-134 pounds for 3 months. Need to get 20-30 pounds (NO FAT) in a year.

I want to get my weight up, I’m 17, 5’9-134lbs-60.78kgs ectomorph I been going to the gym for 2 months, can someone give me a high-calorie diet that can help me gain anywhere from 20-30 pounds in at least a year? I have tried mass gainers but eating 2x a day won't help me at all. Please include the food amount and at what time of the day I'm supposed to eat it. I tried mass gainers like Serious Mass and Protein like Whey, but since I eat twice a day at max I gain no weight. I will learn how to cook it all I promise.

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