Im on my feet scurrying about carrying things for around 11 hours, 3/4 days every week. What level of exercise would you consider that to be?

I work in manufacturing, moving items to and from various machines, it's a fairly physical job and while I'm not carrying anything super heavy, it's constant. I otherwise engage in light exercises on my own time. I'm not really sure what level of exercise it would be considered when calculating what my calorie intake would be. Moderate? Light? I'm pretty sore after as are my coworkers but I'm also not incredibly active outside of it and I still have the energy/strength to sprint to my car after work is over, so I'm really unsure.

If it makes any difference, I'm around 5'10, female, 130 lbs (not super skinny to most people but it looks very bony on me. I'm aiming to gain around 20 lbs at least as I've seen myself at 150lbs before and I don't even look much different lol). I managed to drop 10 pounds within a few days accidentally so I want to make sure I'm not underselling my calorie goal. Sorry if this is a bad question or something but thanks in advance to anyone who can give any advice! Also any tips on how to shove in good calories and nutrients quickly/easy would be great since I don't get a whole ton of free time to eat!

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