INCREDIBLE! These Five Inspirational mums have transformed their bodies & lives and are feeling FABULOUS!

Wow! These five amazing mums from the Healthy Mummy community have lots to celebrate! By following The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, they have all had incredible weight loss success and have transformed their lives.

But it’s not just about the weight they’ve lost – it’s all the positive things they have gained. They’re all more confident, healthy, strong and most importantly, happier now they’re living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle.

None of their transformations have happened overnight either. They have each put in a consistent effort, but by having the Healthy Mummy App in their hand and with support from the amazing Healthy Mummy community, the are now reaping the benefits and feeling FABULOUS!

Jessica Lewis has reached her goal weight and her smile says it all!

She says, “The smile says it all!!! Today I’ve achieved my weight goal and I cannot believe it. I am back in the 60’s yeehaa!!! My outfit is my reward and yes I ordered it late last week so I could wear it the day I achieved my goal in just over 6 months I’ve now lost 21.2 kgs & countless cms.”

“I started this journey to find myself again, to get my mental health back on track and turn that forced smile on the left into my real one – I joined for me first and my family second. After kgs starting dropping, I introduced weight goals and I never in my wildest dreams expected to hit my goals like I have with such ease! There have been moments where the weight hasn’t budged but I’ve trusted the process, not given in and believed in myself and I’ve done it!

Ultimately I would now love to get back to where I was at my wedding and my long term goal is to achieve that by Dec 12 (10 year wedding anniversary) but for this moment I’m celebrating that I’ve achieved what I set out to do and be proud of myself for achieving it. That in itself is a win for me. Thank you Healthy Mummy!!!!

Cassie Krawczyk has dropped 43 kilos – ‘Hello New Me!’

Cassie says “Hello new me!!!!!

  • 43 kilos gone
  • Countless cms gone
  • 109 kilo-65 kilo
  • Size 18-20 to size 8-10

“The best part is the new found confidence I have gained. Finding a love/ addiction to exercise and living a healthier lifestyle. And being able to keep up with my children.”

Lina Adams  has lost 29 kilos and reached her fitness potential

She says, “Age is just a number, I’ve reached my fitness potential at almost 38 years old with The Healthy Mummy. I’ve lost 29 kg in a year. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to start. Be persistent and you will achieve your goals! “

Laura Kukulovski is loving the many benefits of her healthy lifestyle 

Laura says “I have been living the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for almost a year now !

So far I have lost a massive 31kgs and have maintained that now for roughly 5 months. I have gained so many benefits from living a healthier lifestyle I’m:

  • stronger
  • fitter
  • happier
  • feeding my family nutritionally
  • saving money

This isn’t just some diet or fad it’s a life changing journey that I encourage you all to take part in. You won’t regret it!”

Carla Ackerman has gone from tired and demotivated, to energised and positive!

She says, “Before I started my journey with the Healthy Mummy about four months ago I was unhealthy, tired and very demotivated. I was bloated and I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror.

One day I just told myself enough is enough and I joined The Healthy Mummy and today me and my family enjoy healthy, yummy food and the kids love to do the exercise’s with me at home.

It’s sometimes a slow start in the beginning but a start is a start even if it’s small steps! Always try and stay positive on harder day’s”

Well done, ladies on your amazing transformations.

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