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Breakfast can be at any time of day, but no matter when you make it, your morning meal shouldn’t be boring.

That’s why I’m sharing my top five keto breakfast favorites this week on Diet Doctor Explores.

To make this list, all five recipes had to be fast to make (or reheat), keto-compliant, and portable so you can take them along with you while on-the-go. (Not to mention, they had to be good enough to get me out of bed!)

Check out my top five keto breakfasts and feel free to share yours in the comments below. We all might find a few new favorites.

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Number 5

Dairy-free keto latte

Latte? Yes, please! This dairy-free delight is the perfect on-the-go breakfast. 5 minutes to mix it up and you’re done. It’s keto magic!

Dairy-free keto latteDairy-free keto latte

Number 4

Keto chaffles

What are “chaffles”? “Cheese” plus “waffles” equals delicious, keto chaffles. They can be sweet or savory — the possibilities are endless. Perfect for brunch.

Keto chafflesKeto chaffles

Number 3

Keto butter burgers

Butter on a burger? We’re sold! Traditionally, it’s a Midwestern staple but we ditched the bun and made it irresistibly keto. Crispy edges, juicy bites… just perfect for the grill.

Keto butter burgersKeto butter burgers

Number 2

Sausage-crusted keto quiche

This savory, protein-packed keto quiche is cradled in a delicious, firm sausage crust. It has all the flavor of your best quiche recipe but none of the carbs! It’s best accompanied with a fresh salad.

Number 1

Keto breakfast tapas

Here is a simple AND delicious breakfast idea. This stunning keto breakfast tapas is ready in 5 minutes, perfect when you want something quick.

Keto breakfast tapasKeto breakfast tapas