Iron Deficiency: What are the Symptoms?

Lack of iron can cause many problems to our body. Therefore, those of us who do not get the recommended amount of iron daily, might have symptoms that they need to understand and deal with immediately. Otherwise, iron deficiency can lead to even more serious health problems. Of course, your doctor or dietitian can recommend iron supplements in case there is an iron deficiency, beside nutritional changes. Sometimes our specific needs for iron are increased (eg. for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding).

Below you can find some of the most common symptoms of iron deficiency:

A general feeling of tiredness: When we have a lack of iron, we often feel lethargic. Even if we are not tired during the day, you may feel overwhelmed.

Inability to concentrate: Neurotransmitters function differently when there is iron deficiency to the body. This difference in function often results in lack of mental concentration.

Lack of emotion: The interpretation of feelings becomes more difficult when the required amount of iron is not found in our body. As a result, we remain apathetic to situations where strong emotions can arise.

Breathing problems: In many cases there comes a lack of proper breathing. Sometimes iron deficiency may lead to trying to take a breath but feel that we are drowning.

Skin tone: This symptom may be the most common among people with iron deficiency. Since blood does not flow as it should be in our bodies, skin dullness and whiteness might be unavoidable.

Exercise fatigue: Exercise certainly causes fatigue. However, if you notice that you are tired from the first five minutes of exercise, you need to ask yourself what might be wrong. Iron deficiency is a major health issue and should be solved, especially if the same exercise was easier for you in the past.

Muscle Pain: Even when you exercise, you feel unusual muscle ache. This is another symptom that suggests that something might be wrong with your iron absorption.

Fragile nails: Nails that break easily and crumble, as well as nails with white lines (crescent-shaped most of the time), show that our body lacks dietary iron.

Sensitive Immune System: If you notice that you are constantly getting sick and exhausted from even the simplest of things, there is a reason to search on it further. Proper blood tests will show if you need iron supplementation.

Hematuria: This symptom is not often found, but it clearly indicates that there is a lack of iron in the body. So, if you notice an unusual color (pink or even red) in your urine, seek your doctor’s advice. However, eating foods such as beetroot can have the same effect!

You now know how important iron is to our body. With the required daily iron intake, we can help our body be full of energy and able to cope with everyday life. Iron is essential for strong nails, beautiful and shiny skin, strength to exercise and mental concentration! So as soon as you notice any of these symptoms, don’t wait any longer. Proceed to all the necessary blood tests and bring iron-rich foods to your table every day!

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