Is my 3500+ calorie diet legit or wishful thinking?

Hey guys would like some opinions on this, I'm about to start my journey and put this diet together, it seems quite easy to accomplish so I'm wondering if it actually adds up realistically or am I overcompensating calories here? It's a simple 3 meal plan and works well with an average person schedule.

Breakfast: 7.30am

– Ensure Plus: 300cals

– Whole milk: 200cals

Total: 500cals

'Snack' – Powerbomb shake: 10am-ish

– Oats 120g: 390 cals

– Frozen fruit 120g: 280cals

– 2 scoops Whey protein: 210cals

– 500ml water

Total: 850cals (rounded down from 880)

Lunch: 12.30am

– White Baton: 275cals

– Tuna: 100cals

– Sweetcorn: 80cals

– Mayonaise: 300cals

Total: 755cals

Snack: 3pm

– Slice of white bread: 100cals

– Peanut Butter: 150cals

(If I can squeeze it in, pint of whole milk: 350cals)

Total: 250cals (600cals with milk)

Dinner: 6.30pm

– Mixed but averaging 700 calories I'm assuming

Snack: 9pm-ish

– 1 Scoop Whey Protein: 100cals

– Pint of whole milk: 350cals

Total: 450cals

Full total: 3500cals (3850cals with milk during 2nd snack or dinner)

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