Is Rice Vinegar Keto Friendly?

Many people who are on the keto diet want to know the answer to the question: is rice vinegar keto friendly?

If you’re thinking of using this condiment in your keto dishes, then continue reading below!

Is Rice Vinegar Keto Friendly
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What Is Rice Vinegar?

Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice in China, Japan and Korea. It is far less acidic and is milder than distilled white vinegar.

It is commonly used in sushi and marinades. And it also makes for a subtle condiment for salad dressings or even sautéed vegetables.

Nutritional Information For Rice Vinegar

One tablespoon (15g) of rice vinegar has 2.7 calories. It is carb-free and has 0 total fats. In addition to all of that, it only has 0.3mg of sodium and potassium.

So, is rice vinegar keto friendly? Let’s find out below!

Can You Use Rice Vinegar While On Keto?

Yes, you can. Rice vinegar is keto friendly since it is carb-free. And even generic rice vinegar is minimally processed and has healthy ingredients.

Since it is low in fats, you need to use other keto friendly condiments that have healthy fats.

Though you need to be careful by other seasoned or flavored rice vinegar products. These variations usually contain non-keto friendly ingredients like sugar.

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Where To Get Rice Vinegar?

Rice vinegar is easily available in your local grocery store. Or you can purchase it online on Amazon:


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