It’s Here! The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy

Well it’s official…The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy Cookbook has officially been released!

Where to Purchase

Mediterranean Diet made easy cookbook

My first cookbook (and what I lovingly refer to as my third child) is out in the wild and available for purchase at the following places –

What is the Cookbook About?

The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy is a collection of 75 recipes (with a corresponding photograph) that are aimed at helping people create a Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle in their own homes.

Why the Mediterranean Diet you may ask…simply put it’s one of the healthiest ways to live and eat. The emphasis of the recipes in the book is on whole ingredients and pantry staples, along with tips for making it work into your life.

The book includes information about the Mediterranean diet, including –

  • The Mediterranean Diet Principles and Benefits
  • Living a Mediterranean-Inspired Lifestyle
  • How to Start Your Mediterranean Diet

As well as step by step instructions and a photograph for each of the recipes in the following chapters –

  • Nourishing Morning Meals
  • Appetizing Small Plates
  • Filling and Flavorful Lunches
  • Wholesome Dinners
  • Healthy Soups, Salads and Side Dishes
  • Simple Sweet and Treats
  • Timesaving Sauces and Dressings

Some of My Favorite Recipes from the Cookbook

Just like how you can’t really claim to have a favorite child, I honestly love all recipes in the book but if I had to pick a few of my personal favorites, these would make the list.

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