I’ve had a really hard time gaining weight.

So I was a skinny 5 year old, then I was a rather large child for over 10 years. And then I remember one day I decided to weigh myself, I was considered overweight for my height, so I decided to try and eat healthier, but I could not really do that with a father who didn’t exactly eat healthy, my mom wasn’t there to cook the healthier options. So even through tedious workouts and the feeling that I lost weight, I never did.

Then I did a whole 180 one summer and deciddd to binge my sisters Oxys that she got from surgery, she never used them and I took them. I lost so much weight within that one month, I dropped from 150 to 124. And then I took the advice of a friend to start working out everyday, but then my family went a bit broke so i couldn’t exactly keep up with the amount of food I had to eat so I just gave up after I dropped to 105 and I started to feel like shit everyday, it was terrible. I even quit concentrates, because as hungry as it made me, I was too fuckin lazy or zooted to go get food.

Now I’m working as a mechanic apprentice. the bosses I have make sure I eat a lot, and these past two weeks I’ve gained my appetite back, but as much as I eat, I piss and shit my food out super quick. I looked at the scale today and I haven’t gained a single pound, I want to take any advice that I can because I don’t think I have a tapeworm or anything like that, i just have an abnormally fast metabolism.

As of right now I’m 5’7 and 110lbs, I’m pretty much bone and a little bit of muscle, I just wanna get those gains man😔

can anyone give advice on the best way to gain weight, I’ve been trying to eat fast food multiple times a day to at least get some fat,but to no avail. I really want some help man

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