I’ve lost hope and need a reminder that I can do it…

hey everyone. sorry for kind of pouring out my frustration here but I really need a reminder.

first off, I’m 23f, 155cm, 45kg.

I’m not skinny but quite slim. no one would describe me as too thin. but obviously I’m quite unhappy. 2 years ago my anxiety started and since then I’ve lost 10kg. I used to be 55kg in 2018, was quite happy with that because I liked my curves, never did no exercise though.

total lifestyle change by the end of 2018, moved countries, got into a relationship, anxiety started. I lost 10kg and now I don’t feel like myself and would like to gain a few kg. I tried exercise but I couldn’t really pull through with it. my appetite doesn’t increase and I only eat around 800-1000 calories a day (calorie counting app).

I don’t know how I should raise my appetite and I don’t know how to get into am exercising routine. I’m extremely unhappy with myself and I’m afraid I’m unable to gain weight.

does maybe anybody has some words of wisdom to share or something that could motivate me? I don’t know who to ask since everyone I know struggle with losing weight more than gaining…

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