Jason keeps on trucking after 12½st weight loss


Name: Jason Dury

Age: 47

Height: 6ft/183cm

Starting weight: 24st 11½lbs/347½lbs/157½kg

Current weight: 12st 4lbs/172lbs/78kg

Weight loss: 12st 7½lbs/175½lbs/79½kg

Waist measurement before: 54”/137cm

Waist measurement now: 34”/86cm

Shirt size before: XXXXL

Shirt size now: Large

Date joined Slimming World: September 2017

Date reached target weight: July 2019

Group: Jason attends the Cwmbran Slimming World group which is run by Consultant Clare Lewis.

Before menu

Breakfast: Coffee and biscuits, followed by chocolate and crisps throughout the morning

Lunch: Two pasties and two sausage rolls, followed by more crisps

Dinner: A microwave meal or something deep fried from the fish and chip shop

Evening: Crisps, chocolate, biscuits

After menu

Breakfast: A grilled bacon roll with all fat removed, or a bowl of cereal

Mid-morning: Fruit

Lunch: A ham salad sandwich with more fruit

Dinner: A baked potato with chicken and vegetables or a homemade chicken tikka masala with rice and green beans

Evening: Chocolate bar.