Keto: 7-day clear-skin diet #1

This meal plan includes nourishing, minimally processed keto foods, such as fatty fish and vegetables, which may help improve acne. Also, these meals are sugar-free and avoid the use of any breakout-promoting foods like dairy.

Even if you’re not looking to improve your skin — and just want to enjoy a week of dairy-free meals — you’ll feel great while following this super delicious, extra “clean” meal plan.

What’s more, these recipes are delicious, easy, and provide 20 grams of net carbs — or less — for the day.

If you’re hoping to improve your skin by eating this way, you should keep in mind that it’ll likely take several weeks to see noticeable results. However, this first week’s worth of meals will likely help you to kick-start your journey toward clearer skin.

To learn more about eliminating acne via low-carb or keto foods, check out our evidence-based guide: Can keto or low-carb diets improve acne?

And remember, with this week’s lineup, you can feel free to adjust, change, or skip any meal. It’s completely up to you!

More meals ideas

Looking for more recipes? We now have 163 low-carb meal plans available – including keto, quick & easy, budget, vegetarian, and Team DD favorites. With so many options, there’s no need to feel bored while eating keto.


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