Kombucha Drinks

You’ve probably seen someone drinking kombucha, it’s basically a fermented tea –tea leaves, sugar and a culture, which is called a SCOBY and stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast.

The cultures present in kombucha tea feed on the sugar and the tannins, polyphenols and nitrogen within the kombucha drink and together they convert all of these things into vitamins, antioxidants, beneficial yeast and bacteria.

Why is Kombucha good for you?

The natural fermentation process that occurs when kombucha tea is made, significantly increases the kombucha health benefits for the gut. The scientific knowledge concerning the importance of gut microbiome highlights the various positive impacts of kombucha not only for digestion, but for wider health. This fermentation process provides vast variations in strains of kombucha bacteria and it’s the good type of bacteria that promotes gut health. Good bacterias can also be found in other types of naturally fermented foods such as organic yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and pickles. If you’re not a fan of fermented foods, you can still fit good bacterias into your daily nutrition by supplementing them instead, and if you’re interested in the benefits of gut health, we put together a blog so you can learn more about keeping your gut bacteria in balance.

Now that you know what kombucha is made of, you may wonder, is store-bought kombucha as good as homemade? Exactly like home-brewed kombucha; we also stock raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered kombuchas that have all of the bacteria and yeast intact. Brewing your own kombucha takes time and patience; 7 to 30 days of patience depending on the recipe you follow. Our simple organic kombucha recipe is a 7-day brew, but if you don’t fancy waiting, we’ve got a selection of kombucha drinks available online and in store.

Green tea kombucha is a popular choice, with many of our brands using a blend of green and black tea. Green tea leaves are renowned for being extremely high in antioxidants which gives the green kombucha tea nutrition some added value. This doesn’t mean to say that the kombucha health benefits are lost in other kombucha tea tastes or flavours. The taste of green tea kombucha is considered softer than other flavours you see on the market, but of course, even the green tea leaves have different strengths and aromas.

Kombucha can be made in such a vast scope of flavours because once the tea has fermented – juices, herbs and spices can all be added to create unique flavour combinations. You’ll often see new flavour profiles introduced to the kombucha tea market, but some personal favourites of ours include – ginger, turmeric and elderflower.

Kombucha tea tastes differentiate widely and we think it’s a matter of trying a few different brands and flavours until you find your own personal favourite. If you’re wondering where to buy kombucha in the UK, our kombucha range is definitely a great place to start. You can buy our kombucha online and we have a dynamic range to pick from. We also always make sure to select natural and authentic kombuchas from reputable sources, so you can get the most out of the kombucha tea nutrition. If you haven’t already heard of the health benefits of kombucha tea then head over to our blog here to find out more.

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