Looking for non-acidic recipes to gain weight which will not further aggravate my stomach ulcers!

Hey guys, I am clueless when it comes to cooking but willing to give anything ago at this point so please drop your ideas below

I’ve had stomach ulcers for past 3 years, I have dropped three clothe sizes and I really need to put on weight.

I was in hospital and never received a diet plan, the other day I was sicking up blood, I am awaiting blood tests but I think it’s about time I actually stick to a diet which helps my stomach I would really appreciate some help!

Foods I need to avoid: spicy foods, acidic foods, alcohol, caffeine, fatty meats, anything greasy which causes acid reflux

Really focusing on eating breakfast, lunch and dinner As someone with ulcers I usually have one or two a meals a day- if that, because of stomach aches

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