Looking To Gain Serious Weight In Serious Time.

I’m a teenager 6’3 Male. I weigh around 147lbs/66.5kg. I’m very weak and skinny. Easy to push and floored. My plan is to hit 80KG, maybe even 85KG. How to achieve this? To be consistent, I lack consistency. My plan was to eat 3,000 calories with 150g of protein a day. Oof its a massive goal for me. I want to hit a 20KG goal in over 4 months. That’s around 5KG a month, which is 1KG every 6 days ish. Which is 0.5KG in 3 days. That’s very hard. How do I do it safely?

What foods do I eat. I try to drink more water.

I have braces, 5/7 days I don’t have lunch or breakfast (not a proper breakfast, I have milk which is around 150 calories) I know to make this goal easy I need to have breakfast and lunch. I’m going to skip it. I need to eat 3,000 ish calories in 6-7 hours. If I eat a lot on a day without proper breakfast and lunch, I can get 2,000 calories and 70g protein rounded a day. My goal would be attainable if I had breakfast and lunch and as much as you guys would advise. I think I’ll skip this. The protein I could get can be from protein shake. However, my plan is to gain weight then workout. Gaining weight would probably add strength to my body, I can’t do a push-up as of now though. I’m not getting enough Vitamin, Iron or calcium either. However so far today in around 8 hours, I’ve consumed 46g of protein. Went over my cholesterol goal (I don’t know if it’s appropriate goal) Went double over the Vitamin A that I should’ve had, nearly achieving that calcium goal only 5% off and strongly lacking iron and vitamin C. Perhaps I’ll start taking an iron supplement from now on to boost that a little. I’m about to have a meal too

Without having breakfast and lunch I know it makes a big difference but I won’t have it. How do I gain weight quick? Is what I’m doing fine. Will I achieve my goal?

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