“Losing weight was easier once I cut down my drinking”

I’ve gone from a 44-inch waist to a 32-inch waist and when I visit the builders’ merchants now I get a lot of comments and questions as to how I’ve lost the weight. I know a couple of blokes did start watching what they were eating and drinking and I probably did inspire them. I plan my day’s food now and take salad bags with me or I’ll come home for a cooked lunch. I also make sure I have breakfast!

The support I’ve received at the group makes me feel as if I have the tools and motivation for a better, healthier life. My Consultant is so good at motivating people, she can have the group going from tears to howling with laughter. She understands the challenges I’ve faced and empathises, she gets what it is like and she enjoys a drink too. Anyone thinking about joining needs to stop thinking and just do it.

Since that day when I said yes to my mum and sister, I see a lot more of my family which is fantastic. My sister says she feels as if she’s got her brother back. I used to shy away before as I was so ashamed of myself, I felt I looked a mess. I can take my son swimming now without feeling self-conscious and I even go on the water slides without feeling like I will get stuck or break them.

I’ve noticed too by not drinking all the time and keeping it as something for holidays and special occasions, I’m much more positive and have more energy. I used to be so lethargic and felt groggy after drinking the night before. I’m also much less anxious.

This year, more than any other, I feel as if I’ve dodged a major bullet by turning my health around – especially as the risk of being severely ill from COVID-19 increases if you’re overweight. If I’d caught that I know it would have wiped me out, I had such trouble breathing anyhow, even going up the stairs. Now I can run up the stairs! I know now if you look after yourself, everything else falls into place.


Breakfast – nothing  

Mid-day – flapjack, couple of energy drinks, cappuccino 

Dinner – pre-packed sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and energy drink  

Evening meal – pizza and chips  

Two pints of lager, cider or stout 


Breakfast – Weetabix with fruit  

Snack – fruit (apple or banana) 

Dinner – Subway salad  

Snack – fruit  

Evening meal – steak salad or slimming world meal  

Bacardi or vodka and diet cola 

Lighter beer  

Snack – watermelon / Hifi bar