‘Low carb is what works best for me’


Can a keto diet help you lose 100 pounds (45 kilos), boost your energy levels, and gain an interest in exercising? Yes! All these things happened to Kendra thanks to the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet.

“I’m closer than ever to my goal weight! I have energy to do things with my children,” Kendra says.

Here’s Kendra’s inspiring story, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Kendra’s keto journey

My name is Kendra, I’m 32 years old, and I live in the US Midwest.

I started following the keto diet in April 2018. Since then, I’ve lost over 100 pounds (45 kilos)!

Initially, it wasn’t easy. I used to overdo it on snacks, sweets, and fast food. My portion sizes were out of control.

I realized that not only was I setting myself up for health issues, like diabetes, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure that run in my family, but I was setting my children up for the same.

I decided enough was enough. A friend told me about the keto diet and the success she was having, and I started the next day.

These days, I cook at home and we rarely eat out. I’ve learned how to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals. I can make just about any dish keto-friendly. I’ve also incorporated intermittent fasting. On most days, my eating window is 12 pm to 8 pm, and at least one day a week I do ‘one meal a day’ (OMAD).

Of course, there have been times when I’ve eaten high-carb foods, but eating these foods only made me realize that my body just doesn’t agree with them. Low carb is what works best for me.

In addition to the keto diet, I work out five to six days a week. At my highest weight, I was just shy of 300 pounds (136 kilos), and now I’m closer than ever to my goal weight! I have energy to do things with my children and I’ve found exercising – both cardio and strength training – to be enjoyable and a great way to reduce stress.

In my opinion, exercise is definitely a necessary addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter the type of eating you follow. It improves muscle mass, aids in fat loss, and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Find something that you enjoy and just get up and move!

My tips for anyone who wants to follow a keto diet is to do your research. Don’t just jump in. Instead, identify the types of foods you can eat, learn about the keto flu, and prepare for social events by bringing a snack.

Also, just about every food in the grocery store has sugar in it, so read labels. And please, don’t try any keto supplements without doing your research. You do not need supplements to get into ketosis. Your body does that all on its own. Trust the process!

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Congrats on your amazing success, Kendra! I appreciate your advice to people that they should do their research first. I agree! It is good to know what you are getting into and be prepared. That’s one of the many ways we hope to make low carb simple for people – help them prepare. Thanks for sharing your story with us!
/ Dr. Bret Scher

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